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Should a MX3-1200 run a SX15 tile wand?

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  • Should a MX3-1200 run a SX15 tile wand?

    question: Hi iam a newbe at age of 46 I have been in the service building remodeling business for years.l am customer oriented understand pricing add ons ect. MY Question is equipment tile and carpet cleaning.The equipment I have chosen (want to complete with your co, like the prices and knowledge offered for best application) is hydroforce mx3-1200 ,roto 360i ,sx15 or 12...?5.2gecco 50ft 2" hose with 25"1.2". Please add any suggestions. Portable unit with power head doing jobs with 2nd floors would like to keep unit farly stationary. Work..and continue to focus on the customers problem areas.please email me suggestions or let me know if this a sounds like a good idea.

    Answer: All the machines you selected are good for consideration.
    Here is what I would have you note:
    I was going to make a video of me loading the machine MX3-1200 in my for Ford Excursion showing the wheels on the handle bar and how you can lean the handled wheels into the truck and lift the bottom to roll it into the service truck. I am 51 years old and struggled so much in completing the task the video was never aired on our YouTube channel. This is a common problem when you stick a 50 lbs pressure washing pump under the hood of an already heavy carpet cleaning machine. You need to consider team lifting the machine or purchase a quality ramp. (like a LB10-24-90
    You can also take a synergistic approach by using a flood extraction unit and then mate it with a stand alone pressure pump.

    This will make the machine lighter and possibly stronger at the same time depending on what model you want.
    The SX15 is for truckmounts using 2" vacuum hose and the SX12 is for portables using 1.5" ID vacuum hose. Please limit 20 amp vacuum systems (Nautilus Dual 3 stage is 20 amps) to using 12" wide wands. Please consider a machine with 25 to 30 amp vacuum systems that use 14 and 15" tools and this would be the minimum vacuum I would recommend. The nice thing about larger vacuum systems is you can also move to the Rotovac XL or other 15" wide power wands too. 14" wide tools clean about 20% faster than 12" wide tools and 15" wide tools cleaning 37% faster than 12 wide tools but you have to have the vacuum to run it. Please note if you decide to upgrade the vacuum system the amp draw with the pump will be too high so you will have to have a smaller pump system. You cannot stick a top of the line vacuum system and top performing pump system all under the same hood and still keep it on two power cords. This is why you might want to consider a synergistic group of machine over an all-in-one machine.
    Please read the article on hose length at

    You mention you want to leave the machine on the first floor while you cleaning the second floor. Read

    I lot of customer want me to pick the equipment for them and I am not the one using it so this is not a good idea not to mention we have had customers that end up being the one out of a thousand that have a warranty issue and then blame the SteamBrite phone operator by saying "I wanted bla, bla bla machine and they talked me into XXX machine and now I have a problem..." You need me to help you narrow down your search

    The all-in-one machine will be heavier and limited vacuum and pressure.
    Separating the vacuum and pump will make the machine lighter so you will not have to team lift the machine or use a ramp but will require more power. More power would mean 3 or 4 power cords but the ability to clean with more pressure, more vacuum, longer hose runs and faster cleaning.
    Just as one example mate the Clean Storm Goliath to the Cleaning Storm 6720 pressure washer.
    Clean Storm 6720 Cleaning Units 2100 psi 3.2 gpm Cold Electric Pressure Washer 2 Power Cords 115 Volts, 20131411, Electric Cold Pressure Washers, Pressure Washers, Equipment Hard Surface Cleaning Supplies, by Clean Storm, Clean Storm 6720 Cleaning Unit...

    and{44}309{53}356{60 }418{43}294{21}210{23}274{59}414{15}161{11}394{51} 344{26}224{22}218{25}219
    This is just one example of extreme vacuum with extreme pressure washer and the above system would run on 4 power cords or a single standard electric clothes dryer 240 volt connection.
    The same pump that is installed under the hood of the MX3-1200 is the Water otter
    PumpTec 80346 Water Otter 1200 psi Pressure Washer Pump For Tile Carpet Cleaning AS1200 Shock Wave, 80346, Electric Cold Pressure Washers, Pressure Washers, Equipment Hard Surface Cleaning Supplies, by Pumptec, Turn any portable extractor into an incre...

    Is and example of the other side of the spectrum of an example of a easy to carry in 50 lbs pump that runs on a single 15 amp breaker.