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Upgrading my Mytee LTD12 to a truckmount.

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  • Upgrading my Mytee LTD12 to a truckmount.

    Question: Hi i am looking to upgrade my LTD 12 Mytee for a truck mount i been looking at the RAGE TRUCKMOUNT From Sapphire Scientific but i can't find any reviews on the machine i have been asking on the forums about the machine but not getting any good feed back the reason i like the machine is price and size do you thing this is a good upgrade or should i look into something more powerful
    i have been cleaning tile and carpet for over 3 years i mostly do commercial carpet and commercial T&G

    Answer: The Rage truckmount is a hard unit to sell because the factory wants every customer pre-qualified and dealer installed. This means just because you want it does not mean it is OK for me to sell it to you. I have to get permission to sell it you if you want it shipped and or you will have to have it dealer installed. The 3rd choice is that you are purchasing a trailer or a van from us and we are shipping the complete truckmount installed in van/trailer. This way it meets the criteria of being dealer installed. This leads to very few people purchasing this model and in turn few reviews. If you want a truckmount shipped without a trailer or van you might also consider the TM2036. The TM2036 can be shipped worldwide without factory permission. In summary both these truckmounts will make a huge improvement in speed on your job sites. Here is a side note about forum reviews: The people that have the most time to work the forums are the same people that are not busy performing carpet, tile, and grout cleaning. The busiest companies post the fewest forum post while the slowest companies make the most forums post. This means the forums reviews that come from companies that post the most are also the least profitable. I have seen some forums used as equipment bashing and company bashing forums that are provided the the same carpet cleaners that are not busy running their own company. The point hopefully I am getting across is to take forum reviews lightly and not as gospel.

    Rage Truckmount


    Mytee LTD12

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    Rage Truckmount VS TM2036 in tile cleaning

    Question: thanks for the quick reply i may consider the trailer option
    how ever do you think is a good machine to clean Tile & grout? considering that it only do 1000 PSI

    answer: I am not sure if your question "this" is a TM2036 question or a Rage question so I will address the answers to both.
    The pressure it in direct proportion to cleaning speed. The rage will clean tile at 1000 psi while the TM2036 will clean tile even at pressures over 1500 psi.
    The weak link on the rage is not the pump, rather the heat exchanger is only rated for 1000 psi and the TM2036 heater is rated for 10,000 psi.
    The added 2 hp larger engine on the TM2036 will produce more BTU's of heat too.
    The TM2036 All stainless steel construction will mean the frame and waste tank will last a life time.
    The Rage is Aluminum construction and designed to last at least 10 years but is a lighter design so it will use less fuel transporting it around town.
    Both are excellent machines.