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Adding vacuum recovery to a pressure washer

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  • Adding vacuum recovery to a pressure washer

    Question: I'm am interested in purchasing the Turboforce: Mini Turbo handheld Spinner TF-MTH-43 [MTH43] for cleaning basement walls.
    I can easily come up with something for the pressure washing, but I'm not sure what would work for the water extraction. Could you make some suggestion or recommendation for the water extraction machine to use for this?
    Thank You, Kerry

    Answer: You need and auto dump machine with as much auto dump as your pressure washer puts out in gallons per minute.
    The amount vacuum needs to be adjusted based on the hose length you want to use.
    We offer flood pumpers or auto dump machines in both electric and gasoline powered.
    A few are listed at
    Example if I am under 3 gallons per minute and going to keep the hose under 50 ft from the tool, I could use the Mytee 7303
    If I wanted to run up to 200 ft of hose, keep it electric, and pump out up to 30 gallons per minute, I could use the Goliath
    -DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 20gal Four 2 Stage Vacs and Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint
    If I own a pressure washing trailer and am out of flat bed room, we can make any sized gasoline powered system fit on the tongue of your trailer. Example