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Natural Gas Stationary pressure washing stations

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  • Natural Gas Stationary pressure washing stations

    Question: I noticed the natural gas stationary pressure washing stations are no longer on your website including but not limited to
    Shark Natural Gas Cabinet Style Hot Water Pressure Washer SNG4-22024A 2200psi 4gpm 230v 1ph 29amps 1.109-875.0
    and SNG4-30024A 3000psi 4.5gpm 230v 1ph 36amps 1.109-881.0 and others...
    Did the factory quit offering these?

    Answer: No, the factory really does not like customer to self install or even to purchase on line, rather would prefer to make sure these are dealer installed.
    We still have them available but you would need to contact our office by phone 210-662-9000.