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    Question: Do you ship to New Zealand, Nautilus Tile and Carpet Cleaning Machine 12gal 1200psi Dual 3 Stage Vacuum Auto Fill Auto Dump Machine only [MX3-1200M]?
    I am looking for a Heated 240 volt 1200 psi machine.

    Answer: Nobody makes an electric heated 1200 psi machine. Please note that you will see a few 1200 psi machines on the market that say they have a heater but you can only use these heaters when the tile cleaning pump is turn off and the low pressure pump is turned on. Example look at the Mytee M12 or the US Products King Cobra. The rocker switch is set up so when you turn on the heater, it turns off the pressure washing pump so it will not trip the breaker. The only heated tile cleaning machine is the Goliath 1500 as the heater does not use any electricity, rather just the exhaust from the vacuum motors to raise the temperature of the water. Combine this with the machine being pressure feed over suction feed also adds 10 degree F to the water temperature. None of the electric heaters are designed to handle 1200 psi and take a full electric breaker. So your already two power cored Nautilus will become three power cords and then you turn up the pressure past 500 psi and it would break the heater core! The Goliath heat exchanger is before the pump so it is only exposed to building pressure.
    Not all companies will make 240 volt equipment but I am sure the Goliath 1500 can be build in 240 volts for $350 more

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