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  • extractor and psi work around

    Hello Donald,

    I'm curious what your thoughts might be for a set up like this:

    Water Hog or Air Hog
    1200 psi pressure washer

    are there any issues connecting a Water or Air hog to a 1200 psi pressure washer, and then connecting to a spinner for tile and grout ?

    or, are there any issues connecting my Clean Storm 6 gallon 300 psi extractor, with custom autofill and attache case with auto dump pump, to the 1200 psi pressure washer to drive a spinner for tile/grout cleaning ? I suspect this unit may not have enough vacuum power to accomplish the task.

    I'm looking for cost savings...we do tile/grout using my Orbot OP currently and a wet/dry vac, and it does a good job, but I really want to try and get to using a spinner, but do not want to have to pay for 1200 psi extractor ($3k+), a spinner ($900).

    I think if I can locate a used water hog and spinner I could get the set up for less than $2k, a possible savings of $2k.

    thanks, Barry

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    Synergistic cleaning

    This set up would work fine.
    This called synergistic cleaning when you combine equipment to create a 3rd or 4th task.
    Flood pumps just suck, filter, and pump water. Pressure washers just pressure wash. But now combine them and you can still flood extract and pressure wash but now you can carpet and tile cleaning too.

    The only draw back is the items you selected do not have very large waste tanks so you might want to add an auto defoamer system.

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