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How to get warranty help on a carpet cleaning machine

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  • How to get warranty help on a carpet cleaning machine

    Question: I plan to replace some portable systems in some of our vans and have narrowed down the choices, with the Heated 500psi Goliath very high on the list. Was about to place the order, but wasn't sure exactly how to contact the company that makes the equipment. After an inquiry went unanswered a few weeks ago, I had to wonder about the support program in place for the equipment. Who/how will I contact if I run into any support issues with the systems?
    To sum up, we do carpet mostly, and some tile and grout. I'd love to get heat, pressure, and vac all in one system on two cords, but realize this is just a pipe dream, so am thinking we will deal with the pressure as needed. I'd like to equip the vans with a portable extractor that could be used from the van 90% of the time. Don't need solution tanks, but need auto-fill/direct water fill (obviously, with no solution tank) and auto-pump out.
    If I order these systems, how long does it take to get them to me?
    Thanks for your help,

    Answer: We designed the machine but have another assembly location make them for us. All parts warranty issued are handed by email as we want to see photos/ videos of the event.
    Labor is only covered on a warranty if you purchase the extended warranty and only starts after the first year. This is true most every brand of carpet cleaning extractor. If you purchase on line and have it shipped to you, plan on only a parts warranty from the factory. Shipping charges are excluded from the warranty, unless you have purchased an extended warranty and are under that contract. The extended warranty covers on site service and shipping cost. These machine are not that difficult to work on but we have had customers that purchase equipment on line and then expect us to fly / drive to their location to fix their machine. I assure you this is not going to happen. Some customer should only purchase locally as even last week I had a customer that refused to attach his garden hose to his auto dump machine and expected it to somehow just jump onto the machine. This ready did happen and I told the customer to you purchase a jar of pickles and set is on the counter and just look at it in hopes that one day it will open by itself or do you have to participate in the removal of the lid? I was dumbfounded by the lack of willingness of this customer and expected me to go to his location and show him how to attach his garden hose to his machine.
    I also want you to look at the Goliath 1500
    -Clean Storm Goliath GO-1500 26gal 1500psi Dual 3 Stage Tile Grout Carpet Pressure Washer Extraction Portable 120v with Lint Filtration Package, GO-1500, Tile & Grout Extractors, Equipment Hard Surface Cleaning Supplies, by Clean Storm, -Clean Stor...

    This machine is a high pressure tile cleaning machine that runs on two power cords.
    Most orders show up in 7 to 14 days after they are paid for.