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Mytee LTD12 VS the CleanStorm 12-5000 tile cleaning machine

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  • Mytee LTD12 VS the CleanStorm 12-5000 tile cleaning machine

    Question: Hello all, I am looking to purchase the Mytee LTD12 or the Clean Storm 1200psi for residential carpet, tile and upholstery. Any and all information on these machines esp. how they would compare will be helpful.
    I see the basics is the LTD12 is 200 less psi, but the only info I could find on the lift and cfm shows the clean storm as less and i'm not sure how significant this would be. Reliability will be of first importance to me.

    Answer: You might want to start off and read some articles posted at



    Compare vacuum
    The Mytee LTD12 is a 20 amp vacuum system and the Clean Storm 12-5000 is a 17.5 amp vacuum system
    The Mytee LTD12 claims 200 cfm and 144 inches of lift or 28,800 vacuum units
    Mytee replacement motor specifications claims 130 inches of lift.
    This would correct the overstatement posted on the ltd12 machine to 26,000 vacuum units
    Clean Storm 12-5000 is 125 cfm and 178 inches of lift or 22,250 vacuum units.
    Mytee LTD12 is 16.85% stronger

    Compare Pump and cleaning speed
    Mytee LTD12 is 2.1 gpm X 1000 psi = 2100 cleaning units / speed
    CleanStorm 12-5000 is 2 gpm X 1200 psi = 2400 cleaning units / speed
    CleanStorm 12-5000 is 14.29% faster cleaning

    Compare Auto dump pump
    Mytee LTD12 uses the Aquatec 3.3 gpm pump
    CleanStorm 12-5000 uses the Little Giant 20 gpm pump
    Mytee LTD12 can only be used for auto dumping cleaning and has no ability to be used as a water extraction flood recovery machine.
    The CleanStorm 12-5000 discharges through a garden hose means it reduces the pump capability from 20 gpm to 10 gpm and it to would have minimal ability to be used in a flood extraction environment.
    For flood extraction use, compare the Mytee 7000S and the Goliath SBM-GO as they both use the same 30 gpm discharge pump and discharge through a 1.5 inch discharge port.

    I believe these to be the same. They both come with the same factory parts warranty. They are both similar in easy of repairs. Please note the internal parts used to make these machine are not manufactured from either factory but sourced from around the world.

    In summary both are great machine that can toggle back and forth between being carpet cleaning machines and all in one tile cleaning machines.

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