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Heated tile cleaning extractors options

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  • Heated tile cleaning extractors options

    Questions: Hi I am in New Zealand and going to buy portable extractor with startup package as well. I do not mind paying bit more for good quality portable extractor. I am thinking of 500-1200PSI Machine with Auto Pump and dump. if have heat system is good. Any suggestion on machine?

    Answer: Please note that none of the 1200 psi auto fill and dump extractors have electric heat in the traditional way. You have a couple of options. One is to purchase a stand alone heater that has to be operated under 500 psi.
    Example: Volcano 1750
    The other heated machine is also unique. The Clean Storm Goliath 1500 psi unit. This heater works off the exhaust of the 2 vacuum motors, uses no electricity, and works at all pressures. Because this machine only has 2 vacuum motors instead of the other Goliath models having 4 vacuum motors, the heat exchanger temperature rise is much lower but the 1500 psi pump is way faster cleaning than 1200 psi cold units.
    The best selling all in one tile cleaning machine is the Clean Storm 12-5000
    Another option would be to purchase a heated 500 psi auto fill and dump machine and then just add a stand alone tile cleaning pump to the process just for the tile cleaning jobs.
    Example Clean Storm 12-3500-H
    Add the Water Otter system
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