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Goliath GO-1500 Carpet and Tile Cleaning machine

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  • Goliath GO-1500 Carpet and Tile Cleaning machine

    Goliath GO-1500
    Do not allow to freeze!
    Do not inject or suck flammable products into this machine.
    Do not operate with the ground pins removed from the power cords.
    If you have to use additional power cords, use 10-3 cords only.
    The machine require to 15 amp to two 20 amp breakers 120 volts (regular wall outlets).
    The green locator light will turn on to a bright green light once you have both power cords plugged into different phases of current.
    The water pressure adjustment knob can be turned down to as low as about 50 psi (counter clock wise) or turned up to 1500 psi (clockwise) if you have dual 20 amp breakers.
    If on dual 15 amp breakers the machine can operate at up to 1000 psi. Since both 15 amp and 20 amp outlets look the same, most customer will clean at 1350 psi and only if the machine trips a breaker then you know to lower the pressure and reset the breaker to finish the job.
    When using automatic dump and drain mode, you must always use the lint catcher between two hose lengths. You do not want carpet fibers and hair to get wrapped around the pump impeller. There are three filters on the inside of the vacuum waste tank. One for each vacuum motor and one in the bottom of the tank for the auto dump pump. Please rinse out the vacuum waste tank with a garden hose at the end of each job and leave the drain valve open or the waste tank lid open for storage. This will remove and clean the 3 above filters while removing trash out of the drain valve. Tip: Most customer like to place the hose mount lint filter about 5 feet from the machine. This prevents having to relocate the filter as the cleaning operation travels through the job site. You can simply take a steak knife and cut the vacuum hose at the 5 foot mark and screw on two more 2" hose cuffs.
    The high pressure water pump has a brass "Y" filter on it to protect the pressure pump from large trash that might end up in the garden hose. This is located about halfway on the inbound garden hose female connection and the machine body. Simply unscrew the brass cap and rinse off the stainless filter to clean, then reinstall.
    This machine will accommodate both 2" ID vacuum hose or 1.5" ID vacuum hose. To use with 1.5" ID vacuum hose, please purchase the optional AH46 expanded hose cuff.
    This machine has a bonnet needle valve mounted on the barbed insert fitting on the vacuum connection to allow you to meter in liquid defoamer into the vacuum waste tank. The automatic drain system only drains water and will not drain foam sitting on top of the water. Turning the black knob clockwise turns off the defoamer suction, while turning the knob counterclockwise turns it on.
    This machine has locking front swivel casters. To use, simply step on the lock tab located on the side of the caster. To release step on the unlock tab.
    This machine has a check valve system inside of the vacuum dual stack system. This allows you to only use one or both of the vacuum motors. You can run a test on the vacuum motors by turning them on one at a time and feel the vacuum and you quickly be able to find out what switch to use for a one vacuum motor environment.
    The auto dump drain system does not have to be used or even hooked up. You can use this machine and then manual drain it as needed. Do not suck water or foam into the vacuum motors.
    You can optionally plug both power cords into a single electric clothes dryer plug

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    Questions using the Goliath GO-1500

    Questions: do u have any training for tile and grout cleaning that does not require me to have a truck mount
    how well does this stand up to most extractors and some of the lower cost truck mounts?
    do you suggest any other add ons to this package?i will start out doing tile and grout and then once I purchase a heater, do carpet also.
    how can I perform carpet cleaning without a heater?

    Answer: Tile cleaning does not require a truckmount. A truckmount is going to add heat to the water temperature you feed it. For example, you might hook to a cold garden hose, or the customer supplied hot water. The 'all in one' carpet and tile cleaning portable never heat water for tile cleaning. So if I have a truckmount that adds 100 degrees F and I am starting with 65 degree cold water (garden hose), I might clean the tile at 165 degrees. If I hook this same machine to 110 degree customer supplied hot water, the Goliath Go-1500 will clean at 110 degrees, while the truckmount using the same water could offer 220 degrees.
    Please read post at

    You will notice that you can always make up for heat or the lack there of by replacing with agitation, chemical action, and dwell time. Because of this one of the best add on accessories is an agitation machine. CRB17
    This machine is a true game changer as it provides the ultimate pre-cleaning surface prep before your rinse.
    We also have a training video available.

    Again you can perform all surface types without a heater. You just make up for it using the 3 remaining parts of the cleaning pie.


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      How to adjust the pressure on the Goliath Go-1500?

      Question: How do I adjust the pressure on the Goliath GO-1500 tile cleaning machine?

      Answer: You should see a brass knob a little smaller than your fist protruding horizontally out of the sidewall of the machine.
      Visit link below for photo and more information.
      This is your pressure adjustment knob. Turn it clockwise and more pressure, turn counterclockwise (some countries call this anti-clockwise), less pressure.