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Fastest Way to seal Grout?

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  • Fastest Way to seal Grout?

    What is the fastest way to put down Clear Guard Grout Sealer?

    Two different ways
    use a pump up sprayer with a real long lance, Iike our Solo 465 Stainless sprayer
    and with the pump up hardly pressured, place a bead of spray right down the grout line, Then follow up with a cotton bonnet on a rotary floor machine.

    2nd option: Spray the entire floor and then squeegee the sealer in the grout lines, Use the cotton bonnet on a rotary floor machine to finish.

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    Grout cleaning is necessary because wet places are cause of mold growth, which can be harmful for health. However By using the spray of baking soda, white vinegar and water ingredients and Scrub with a solution of one part liquid chlorine bleach to five parts water can be helpful for cleaning.
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