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Goliath VS Mytee M-12

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  • Goliath VS Mytee M-12

    Goliath VS Mytee M-12
    Goliath has an option to heat the water between 450 to 1200 psi, the Mytee M-12 can only heat the water below 250 psi.
    Goliath optional heater is 14,000 BTU's, the Mytee is 14,000 BTU's of heat.
    Goliath is easier to load and remove from the service vehicle.
    M-12 requires the use of a ramp or team lifting.
    Goliath is 100% more suction (will dry carpets twice as fast and can operate double the hose length)
    The Goliath auto dump pump is Stainless Steel and rated for 30 gallons per min.
    Mytee M-12 auto dump is rated for 4 gallon per min and is not stainless steel.
    Goliath does not have a fresh water tank that adds to water cooling.
    Mytee M-12 does allow the hot sink water to accumulate in the fresh tank allowing it to cool down before it impacts the the floor.
    The Mytee unit can be rolled into a building as a all in one unit.
    The Goliath would be rolled into a building as two separate units (vacuum system and pump system)
    The Golaith waste tank lint basket is stainless steel, while the Mytee M-12 is a fabric sock.
    The Goliath machine will operate on one, two or three cords.
    The Mytee requires dual power cords.
    Goliath pump is 1200 psi and can be turned down to 450 to 500 psi for cleaning carpet
    The Mytee carpet cleaning pump is 250 psi and when you squeeze the trigger on the cleaning wand it only cleans at 125 psi. This allows the Goliath to stroke carpet up to 4 times faster than the Mytee.
    Goliath is located at
    the Mytee M-12 is located at
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    Goliath VS Mytee M5 for tile cleaning

    Question: I want to buy the right equipment for cleaning tile/grout with the option to also clean carpet as well.So i was looking at the M5 with the 360 rotovac tool would that be the best choice for what i want to do. Do your company have a start up package?

    Answer: You really need to consider a machine with a more robust water pump. 1200 psi or more.
    The problem with the "all in one carpet cleaning and tile machines" is the vacuum is always poor. Now if you seperate the vacuum from the pump, you can get better vacuum (6 or 8 stages instead of 3, 4, or 5 stages of vacuum) and make is much easier to lift the equipment in and out of the service van or trailer. For example a Mytee M12 weights 205 lbs., while a Goliath Flood pumper 84 lbs and Pumptec Water otter is only 75 lbs. Better performance too. The Mytee M12 cleans carpet at about 120 psi (trigger squeezed) and the Goliath / Otter cleans at a true 500 psi like a truckmount. The Goliath offers 100% more vacuum that tile cleaning machines. 100% faster dry times.

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