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    Question: im looking into replacing most of our floor cleaning equipment, we've grown significantly and what we have is just too small and or no longer efficient. I know i dont' want a truckmount there cool and all but way to complicated, i clean about 30000 to 50000 sf a month more tile then carpet. i have a ware house i clean that is 90000 sf every three months and a sx 12 hooked up to a 1000psi pressure washer and wet dry vac is how ive been doing that, pressure washer is cheap and wet dry is mid grade but it does not have auto dump and it really takes a lot out to change the water so often. i pride myself on quality work and its has not been very cost effective for me using what i have currently. i want a portable as much power as possible ,hot water and a way to clean tile and concrete around 1500 psi ect. i don't know if a all in one machine will work , so any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated

    Answer and options:
    1st of all the all in one machines are cold water so, the pressure washer you are using now is probably better than than an all-in-one system anyway. You need more vacuum and auto dump. Please visit
    This is a hose mount vacuum booster with auto dump. This will let you run longer runs of vacuum hose too.
    The second thing you are missing is heat. You can add heat to a cold pressure washer. Visit:
    You can see this heater being used on a dragon with some SX12 wands at
    Another option is to sell your pressure washer and purchase a heated pressure washer and then use a more robust vacuum with auto dump. Visit