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  • Mytee M12 for Use in Australia

    Please would you inform me if you guys ship to Australia?
    I would like to order the following equipments:
    Mytee M-12
    Mytee spinner 12" 8904
    Mytee 8908 Spinner Counter
    Water Claw: Flash Spotter Wand
    And what would be your best price for the Mytee M-12? Do you guys guarantee the lowest prices on the net?

    ANSWER: We do ship world wide. We also stock the Mytee M12 in 230 volts for use in your country
    As of today's date the
    Mytee M12-230v is $2999.00
    Mytee 8904 is $509.99
    Mytee 8908 is $368.00
    The AC004 Flash spotter is $99.00
    For some additional starter items, please visit

    QUESTIONS: Final questions:
    1. Which set of hoses (solution and waste) would you recommend for the Mytee M-12?
    2, How much would be the total bill including shipment to Australia and other taxes please.

    ANSWER: You would want a 50 ft 2" hose set and a 15 ft 1-1/2" hose set. You will also need a hose joiner to allow them to join together.
    Shazaam SetH Shazaam: Hose Set - 15ft x 1.5in - Vacuum & 1/4in Solution
    Mytee Hose Set - 15ft x 1.5in - Vacuum & 1 4in Solution with QDs with Velcro Straps, SetH, Hoses, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam, 15 feet long 1.5 inch VacHose 3000psi Solution hose Cuffs & Quick disconnects included Includes 4 Velcro stra...

    Shazaam SBHS3000 Shazaam: Hose Set - 50ft x 2.0in ID Vacuum & 1/4 in 3000 psi Solution
    Shazaam Hose Set - 50ft x 2.0in ID Vacuum & 1 4 in 3000 psi Solution, SBHS3000, Hoses, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam, Hose set contains 1x - 2 Inch Vacuum Hose 50 Feet 1x - Solution line 50 Feet 2x - Cuffs for Vacuum hose 2x - Quick Disconnec...

    Mytee H138 Mytee: Cuff-Lynx Coupler – 2” male x 2” female vac hose is used to hook you 50 ft hose set to the 15 ft hose set for 65 ft total length
    Mytee H138 Hose Cuff-Lynx Vacuum Hose Coupler 2 Male Links X 2 Female Vac Hose, H138, Hose Cuffs & Connectors, Parts & Accessories, by Mytee Products Inc, Mytee H138 CUFF-Lynx Hose Connectors Details Tired of old-fashioned vinyl vacuum hose cuf...

    As far as shipping we need to know the postal code, we need to know if you want air or ocean, and door to door, or door to port. Right now USA has a free trade agreement with Australia so taxes are limited but I have no way of knowing what your broker is going to charge you once it arrives. I do know that in some countries the fees can be as much as 25% of the cost of the equipment. AU is less than this. Please note that in order to get a shipping rate, we have to know everything you want. Once you have the rate it will only be good for a short while. The problem we seem to keep experiencing is our Austrian customer then get the rate and go "I have been thinking, I would like to add .... to my order." Guess what this does... it changes everything. We have to requote the entire shipment. Each quote can take several days to get. The quote comes back and then the customer goes "now I would like to add ... to my order." We have to requote the shipping again. Now please do not mis-understand me, I am not saying that you would ever do this to us, but please make sure that you have a very complete order together and then ask for the shipping quote. Now if you are just trying to count the cost with a guess, many customers will spend between $1100 and $2000 on shipping an order.

    QUESTION: Hi Donald
    Thank you for informing us about the whole procedure.
    We have decided to purchase from you the following products.
    1. Mytee M-12 in 230 volts [blue and black colour not the green] - $2,999.00
    2. Mytee Spinner 8904 T-Handle- $509.99
    3. Mytee 8908 Spinner Counter - $368.00
    4. Shazaam: Hose Set - 50ft x 2.0in ID Vacuum & 1/4 in 3000 psi Solution [SBHS3000] - $159.99
    5. Shazaam: Hose Set - 25 ft x 2.0in - Vacuum & 1/4in Solution [8101] - $145.00
    6. Mytee: Cuff-Lynx Coupler – 2” male x 2” female vac hose [H138] - $3.99
    7. Water Claw: Flash Spotter Wand - $99.00
    8. Hydroforce: Urine Detection UV Maglite Flashlight 126 LED's AX13 - $178.00
    Total: $4,462.97
    Regarding to the hoses, we would prefer to have a 25ft instead of a 15ft you recommended, and both in 2.0in. Please, we would highly appreciate if you could let us know if you would not suggest this choice for any reason. If you don't believe that our choice would be a problem for the service of carpet and tile & grout cleaning, so please take this list as our final decision for you to quote us the shipment.
    Shipping details:
    Our post code: 5000
    City: Adelaide
    State: South Australia (SA)
    Country: Australia

    ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in our carpet and tile cleaning products. The current color of Mytee M12 is Blue (not black or green) Please note that neither Mytee or Steambrite warranty color. We do not open the boxes, nor does Mytee mark the outside of the boxes with the machine color. The only time we open the boxes might be to stuff additional item in the box to improve shipping rates.
    There is actually two sides to this discussion. One is taking the 2" vacuum hose all the way to the wand, the other is actually using cleaning tools and wands that use 2" ID pipe all the way to the cleaning surface. We could also discuss taking a compromised point of using a 1-7/8" ID piped cleaning wands. I understand your concern about not being able to reach every part of someones home since your auto fill portable extractor will be hooked to the sink and the machine will not be able to follow you around the home. Here in America it does take a minimum of 75 ft to clean most homes if the machine is parked at the sink that is closest to the middle of the home or closest to the base of the main floor stair case. 2" vacuum hose all the way to the wand or cleaning tool is stiff, tiring, slow to make tight turns, add additional weight to the weight of the tool or wand in hand and awkward. 2" vacuum hose does clean and dry better than 1-1/2" ID vacuum hose, but if the leader is only seven or eight feet and the wand pipe is five feet, I do not feel the added aggravation is worth the dry time benefit. If you do not want a 15 foot leader, cut the 15 feet in half to 2.28 meters. This way the weight of the larger vacuum hose is still on the floor and not in the air. To truly benefit on having 2" ID vacuum hose all the way to the wand you would also need to consider purchasing all custom 2" or 1-7/8" ID pipe cleaning tools. On average this will double the cost of the cleaning tools. Please note that electric cold water tile all-in-one cleaning machine vacuums range from 3 stage systems to 9 stage systems. You have selected the Mytee M12 carpet and tile cleaning machine. This is a 4 stage vacuum system and in the scope of tile cleaning machines, this is on the lower end of performance. If you where selecting an 8 or 9 stage vacuum system then maybe you might be willing to justify the added calorie burning to take the 2" all the way to the tool. To truly even benefit from taking 2" vacuum hose all the way to the cleaning tool, to start you need to select a system with more power.
    Summary: Maybe you might consider a 50 ft 2" ID hose set, a 25 ft 2" ID hose set, and a 15 ft 1-1/2" ID hose set that you can cut this small vacuum hose in half. Combined project length will be about 83 ft which will take you over the 75 ft minimum threshold mark that you need, still keeps the 2" vacuum hose on the floor and out of the air, and minimizes the 1-1/2" pipe and leader length to about 12 ft (5 in the tool and 7 after the wand).

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    I am going to need one more email from you to confirm your final order. I do not want to request a shipping quote an the you decide to add to the order and I will have to start the quoting process all over again.

    QUESTION: We are quite confident that a total of 75ft hose (50ft plus 25ft) would be enough for most of our jobs as we are not planning to leave the machine hooked to the sink during residential carpet cleaning as it does not require large amount of water; we would just fill up its tank with a bucket instead.
    1. Is a 2" vacuum hose really required to perform tile & grout cleaning or could we have the whole hoses at 1-1/2" ID? We believe that this could help the performance of the extractor vacuum system, right?
    2. Does the vacuum and solution hoses set come with velcro straps or should we order them apart?
    Thank once again.

    ANSWER: Please read article posted on forum about maximum hose length posted at

    As you will see if you decide to stick with 1-1/2" ID hose with the Mytee M12 the max distance is only 50 ft. Can you go to 75 ft with 1.5" ID hose? Yes you can but it will leave the carpets/floor wetter than we would like you to normally achieve.

    Hose sets do not come with Velcro straps. Please visit
    Clean Storm Velcro Strap with Buckle G147 NA0819, NA0819, Hose Cuffs & Connectors, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm, VELCRO STRAP WITH BUCKLE - HYDRO-FORCE SPRAYER Item No. NA0819 Strong and durable. Uses include strapping together your solu...

    Shipping today came in at $942.12 for one pallet.
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