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Does some body make a tile cleaning machine that heats the water that is electric?

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  • Does some body make a tile cleaning machine that heats the water that is electric?

    QUESTION: do you have portable equipment like the m-12 mytee but that also will heat the water to 250 degrees or so during the tile cleaning operation?

    ANSWER: This question is both yes and no. In an all in one tile cleaning machine that uses electricity to heat the water the answer is "no." Unless you want to plug in about 10 power cords. For some reason mean people think the US Products King Cobra heat the water and the same with the Mytee M12. Neither of these machines heat water for tile cleaning. Neither do the Sandia Plastics, or HydroForce or MasterBlend, or Eclispe or any of the other tile cleaning machines we sell.
    If it can be done, then "yes." First of all as I have mentioned many other times on this forum how much electricity does it take to heat water from a cold state 65 degree to 200 plus degrees F at 2 gallons per min (130 degree rise). Or even take hot water 120 degrees and take it to 200 plus degrees at 2 gallons per min (60 degree rise)? Did you know you can purchase a tankless water heater at the hardware store and heat 65 degree water to 105 degrees to take a shower at 2 gpm? It takes 15,000 watts of energy in the water to do this 40 degree rise. This is 8 extension or power cords plugged into 8 separate electrical breakers! You still need power to create the vacuum and water pressure. So how do you make a machine that can do this? You have to break it up into different components. For example if you want an all electric system, you would have to purchase a hot water rated water pump (like the Cam Spray, use the customers hot water and then boost it with a 9000 watt in line heater like the Volcano 9000 OR you can use the customer garden hose and use a cold water pump (like the BE P152EC) and boost the temperature with a fuel heated system (propane, kerosene, diesel fuel, etc) (visit our heater section OR you could purchase a heated pressure washer in either gas or electric to push the water and heat it at the same time. For an example of a gas system visit or electric system visit
    IPC Eagle Used Mitho Hot Pressure Washer - 1200 psi - 2.2gpm sold , MITHO-PL-1200, , by IPC Eagle, Mitho Plus 115 V, 15 A &bull 1200 PSI, 2.2GPM &bull 195 F Max temp. 105o Heat Rise &bull Aluminum head oil bath plunger pump &bull Stainl...

    Naturally if you have a heated pressure source you will need a vacuum and auto dump source. You can either purchase a flood pumper or a vacuum booster with auto dump.