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Tile cleaning pump options to add to my flood pumper or carpet cleaning machine.

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  • Tile cleaning pump options to add to my flood pumper or carpet cleaning machine.

    Add Tile cleaning pump to my carpet cleaning machine or flood pumper:
    Water Otter 1200 psi Carry In (#1 best selling)
    AR Pump 1900 psi Carry In
    Shark 1400 psi Carry In
    North-Star 2000 psi (on wheels)
    Shark 1000 psi Carry In
    BE-Pressure 1500 PSI (on wheels)
    Clean Storm 6720 (Roll in) ** Ultimate for both indoor and outdoors use**
    General Pump PU1021B Turbo 21 Boxjet (formally marketed under Mytee 4000 Water Hog)
    Pressure Pro 15 amp 1200psi Roll In
    Pressure Pro 20 amp 1500 psi Roll In

    Please note to use dual 02 jetted surface spinner tile cleaning wands, you will need a 2+ gpm pump with at least 1000 psi (pounds per square inch).
    If you select a pump with under 2 gallon per minute, you will have to use single fixed jet tools or change out your jets to 015 or 01 to reduce the flow rate.
    Each of these pump has different features that make then excellent units to use as tile cleaning booster pumps.
    Please decide if you want to use roll in or carry in. These pumps are heavy. Most start at 50 pounds (Water Otter) and can weigh as much as 150 lbs (Clean Storm 6720). The more electricity they use the heavier they weigh.
    The AR Pump and Cam Spray is rated for water up to 180 degrees while all the others are rated for 140 degree water.
    The Water Otter is the only unit with a pressure gauge installed and is the original tile cleaning pump for carpet cleaners.
    The unit rated over 1500 psi will requires the use of a 20 amp 120 volt receptacle. Please note this has an horizontal pin on the plug.
    Any 2000 to 1500 psi pressure washer can operate on a 15 amp 120 volt outlet if you turn down the pressure. If you take 500 psi off the head of the pump the amp draw drops 5 amps. Please consider purchasing an electrical converter for the stronger models to ensure they plug in everywhere.
    The Clean Storm, BE Pressure, and the Shark units have 145 safety sensors mounted on the pump head for auto cool down if the water inside the pump head gets too hot.
    The Clean Storm 6720 is the strongest more powerful electric plug in any where pressure washer ever built! Has over 100% more cleaning speed over the next strongest model.
    All these pumps will require the purchase of a conversion QD from what ever is already on the system to carpet cleaning QD.
    All the Pressure Pro Models have options for carry in with handle and rubber feet. Example you might have to convert 22mm to carpet cleaning QD. All these conversion quick couplers are on

    For hot/steam systems you will have to leave outside.
    Add HOT Tile Cleaning and Pressure Washing To Your Carpet Cleaning Business [20150755] HW204EMD
    This above unit is the ultimate all around pump and hot water system because it plugs in everywhere and provide the prefect flow rates combined with the perfect pressures for all surface types including outdoor surface/concrete work, tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and much more.
    Even though all our hot systems usually have wheels you will not be able to move them in our out of your truck.

    Examples of flood pumpers are located at

    Example of a surface spinner wand with vacuum recovery
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