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  • Turboforce Hyper Turbo TH-777 options

    Question: Hyper Turbo TH-777 High Pressure Pro Tile & Grout floor Cleaning Tool
    Please advise recommended portable extraction machine to run one of these for cleaning interior tiles and grout with recommended hose length.

    Answer: The Turbo TH-777 is available in HP (high pressure) and LP (low pressure) model. The low pressure models sell for $60 less than the high pressure model. The high pressure is for pumps that push 2000 or more psi, while the low pressure is for use at 1000 to 2000 psi. The difference is the swivel seal that is used. Ceramic seals (low pressure) or Carbide seals (high pressure). So we actually have quite a few different types of machines that can be used. You can purchase machines that use pressure pumps that are installed inside the same housing as the vacuum system, or use a machine that is vacuum and auto dump only with a stand alone pressure washing pump to the side. The internal pump machines come in 1000 psi (Example Mytee M12), 1200 psi (example Sandia 80-5000), and 1500 psi (TMI Whisper HT-1500). Please note when the pump is placed inside the housing with the vacuum motors, the machine weight is going to be very heavy at the same time this limits you to 4 or 5 stages of vacuum. Now when you separate the vacuum system from the pump system both can be stronger. You can purchase flood extraction equipment in 6 and 8 stages of vacuum. Examples of 6 stage vacuum are Mytee 7000DX and KleenRite Mega 3 or Goliath 8 stage vacuum system. Then you can mate these vacuum recovery units with different pressure washers in cold or hot water. The cold systems mean you can hook to the customers hot water supply but do not heat the water up beyond that temperature. Hot units use a supplemental fuel to heat the water or lots of electricity. Supplemental fuels are kerosene, diesel, bio-diesel, natural gas, and propane. You can also purchase pressure washers in gasoline powered to pressurize the water.
    Here are some examples of some popular cold pressure washers that mate well will flood pumper that offer more pressure than the all in one tile cleaning machines:
    BE Pressure P152EC
    NorthStar 1573011

    As you can see the NorthStar unit can go as high as 2000 psi but it is not recommended to clean carpets at 500 psi. This model has a built in flow controller and will turn the pump off if you have periods of non use. This pump does work fine for tile cleaning as tile cleaning requires the use of squeezing the pressure gun most of the time.

    TH-777 HP

    Mytee M12

    Sandia 80-5000

    TMI HT-1500

    Synergistic Truckmount