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Will the mytee 1003DX clean tile floors?

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  • Will the mytee 1003DX clean tile floors?

    Question: Looking at some prices atm how much for the Mytee: Speedster 1003DX or could you recommend a unit that has heated and can clean grout with attachments thanks.

    Answer: The Mytee 1003DX uses a Pumptec 205v series head This head and motor are rated for pressures up to 500 psi depending on the jet or nozzle size you use. Most tile cleaning takes place at 1000 psi, so you will not be able to clean a tile floor with a 500 psi pump, rather only rinse the presprayed and sprescrubbed tile floor. What this means is 'yes' you can clean tile floors with a 500 psi machine, it just requires that you do not expect the machine's water pressure to pressure wash the floor rather only rinse off the floor you already cleaned with a rotary floor machine, hand scrubbing, and some chemicals. The 500 psi pump will not run the 'spinner' style tile cleaning wands, rather just fixed jet wands.
    To see and example of a spinner jet wand visit
    and example of a fixed jet tile cleaning wand
    Because you will have to prescrub the tile before you rinse it off, here are some examples of some tile brushes
    Price for the Mytee 1003DX is posted at
    Prices start (at the day of this posting) $1838 + shipping
    All the tile cleaning tools are listed at