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"Best" tile cleaning machine??

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  • "Best" tile cleaning machine??

    Question: I am in charge of 8 frozen yogurt shops which all have tile floors (2000sf each on average). We have been paying a company to come in monthly to clean the tile/grout and want to explore purchasing the equipment to do it ourselves. I would like the know the best machine to take care of this keeping in mind that the equipment must be easy to use and portable so we can move between our locations.

    Answer: The term "best" is to vague. "Portable" could mean trailer mounted to transport between locations.
    Here is an example of a great gas powered tile cleaning machine.

    Are we talking about gasoline powered or electric?
    Please read:
    On electric systems, you have to decide if you want power or more portability.
    Do you want an all in one machine like ?
    But can you lift a all-in-one electric portable in and out of the service truck? It requires team lifting or a ramp.
    Do you want to use a pressure washer with a vacuum recovery unit?
    Pressure wash with
    and vacuum recover with a flood pumper

    Prefered separated system:
    One Goliath Flood Pumper
    with the BEPressure P152EC
    This is a very aggressive pressure pump with a most aggressive vacuum recovery unit with auto dump.
    Purchase a tile wand that can clean inside on tile floor and outside on cement side walks.
    Then you have a system that clean farther than any all in one system (because you are hooked to the sink - offers the longest hose runs), faster, and cleans more surface types and areas. I have equipment that is easy to lift in and out of my van and transport to any job site.

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    More Tile cleaning options in 230 volts

    Answer: An 'all in one' machine means that the pump is inside of the vacuum housing, while a separated system means you use a pressure washing pump and then a vacuum recovery unit side by side.
    The all in one machines are sold machine only so usually you have to read each web page to see what is included. If it includes a hose set it will say so. If it includes any tools or wands, it will say so.
    Question: Originally I asked you about the Mytee starter kit and if it was for international use as we are looking for a complete package.
    You replied yes you can for $4527 for an all in one machine, and gave me a link to the 1200 hard surface cleaner. I am not sure what an all in one machine consists of.
    The Mytee starter kit says it is a complete kit with hoses and wand etc. Is the US Products 1200 a complete kit price.
    We are new to this type of cleaning machinery and do not know which machine would suite our tile cleaning business but we would need a complete kit as we cant buy these products in the UK.
    sorry for sounding so stupid!!.

    please visit
    The 230 volt version of this machine or package is $250 more.
    If you want a separate side by side system. Look at
    and mate with

    Please notice the separate system offers 50% more vacuum and a much larger auto dump system and the parts are easy to lift in and out of the service truck.