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maiting your shop vac to a pressure washer

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  • maiting your shop vac to a pressure washer

    Question: i want to do a small contract of a tile and grout the area is 20 by 15. i am looking at the Typhoon Tile Wand - 12in for the cleaning of the tiles i have a electric pressure washer and a gas pressure washer. but for recovery my machine don't have auto dump feature.i am looking at a shop vac with auto dump it has:
    Air Flow: 190 (CFM)
    Sealed Pressure: 59 (inches)
    Electrical Ratings: 120V kHz 11.5 Amps
    Peak Air Watts: 345
    can this vacuum operate the typhoon wand for intermediate use until i can afford a air hog i am planning to run preasue bewteen 800 psi to 2000 psi.gladly awaiting your response

    Answer: I have seen customer try to un match the vacuum VS pressure on their systems and leave too much water on the floor. For example, they will use a large pressure washer to lay down the water and then a regular shop vac that has a mini 2 stage vacuum motor for water pick up, and then they wander why the floor is all wet. You always want to make sure you supply more vacuum than water so the floor is drier. I do not have an option for you cheaper than the air hog other than the piggy back if you already own a carpet cleaning machine.
    air hog

    piggy back auto dump system for carpet cleaners

    The answer is "Maybe" I like the 190 cfm, but the inches of lift is very low. Usually it needs to be at least 80 inches.

    Typhoon 12" spinner