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Parts to add to my pressure washer and shop vac

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  • Parts to add to my pressure washer and shop vac

    Good afternoon-
    We are considering cleaning our commercial glue down (direct to concrete) tile carpet ourselves. I cannot find "professionals" who clean properly, without skipping steps such as initial vacuuming, etc., & I figure we'll save money eventually.
    We have the single pump 23 gal Eagle One wet vac without auto drain, and will purchase a gas hot pressure washer (13hp,4000psi). My plan is to run the pressure washer from outside (since there's plenty of pressure), but use a short vacuum hose to the wand from the wet vac. I'll likely purchase a Mytee water hog to boost vacuum performance & to run an auto drain.
    Will this be a successful set-up to clean carpets & tile bathrooms? If so, what attachments, adaptors, connectors, & what size hose will I need? And what is the widest wand you would suggest (its a short loop carpet).
    I plan on purchasing these items from you, so if it's more convenient to start an order rather than reply w a long list of items, please do so.
    I appreciate your help. Thanks, Ivan

    You will need:
    Enough hose to hook your pressure washer to the farthest part of the job site.
    If you are going to leave the reel outside, please consider a 160 ft hose and reel combination.

    You need to make sure you can turn the pressure washer down to 400 psi for upholstery cleaning,
    Down to 500 psi for carpet cleaning
    and about 1200 psi for tile, grout, and outdoor sidewalk cleaning

    On hose size you usually will use 2" ID vacuum hose for the bulk of the distance but the last 15 ft go down to 1-1/2" ID vacuum hose.

    To join the 2" hose to the 1-1/2" hose you can use a reduction barbed fitting like