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Mold and smell on books

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  • Mold and smell on books

    I have some very valuable old books that now have mold on them. I am in desperate need of good advice on what to do..
    > How do I treat them to save them?
    > Can I save them?
    > Will the smell go away plus not destroy any other books I may have?

    Use a soft gummy eraser on the edges and on the outside cover to remove what you can. (make sure the book is dry enough to handle this)
    Take Sporicidin
    and place in ULV fogger and run on a fine mist.
    The fine mist is placed in front of a air mover to make a good wind.
    While wearing a respirator and other safety gear
    fan the pages in the fog.
    Each book will need to be placed in a small room with a dehumidifier.
    Repeat if necessary.
    Do not use Ozone Gas. This has been known to cause the book to age.