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    Going to start my own carpet cleaning bus. Idont have a clue about equipment, talked with a guy about a rotovac start up system for about $3,600 he says everything i need to get off to a good start? If i am not mistaken it has 100-200 psi.At this point i cant afford much more start up cost $5,000 max. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Alot,Luke

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    Advice on business start up.

    One of the great things about starting a carpet cleaning business is that its very friendly to "boot strapping", meaning, you can start with very little capital and build as you go along. My advice to you is, forget the Rotovac. You're better off with an entry level extractor like the Ninja. You'll want at least 100PSI on the water pump, and at least a 3 stage vacuum motor. Plus a heater will really help with the really dirty jobs. You can get that machine with a 12" 2 jet wand for alot less than the Rotovac package. The Rotovac has its limitations, and as an entry level business, you just won't use it to its full capacity. The rotovac needs more than 100PSI to operate properly, and it puts down alot of water too, so you need a powerful vacuum system to get the water back up (More than 3 stages) off the carpet or your customers will have wet carpets and not be very happy with you. Also the Rotovac is not very friendly working with all types of carpet pile and installations. You'll have trouble using one on carpets that are glued down, and/or use no padding behind them. Plus it doesnt work very well with low pile commercial carpets either. Get familiar with the cleaning pie theory. You'll need it because with the lack of a truck mount unit, you'll need to concentrate on making the chemicals do the work, and using more agitation as well. It's pretty typical to need at least 3 or 4 wet passes and 3 or 4 dry passes with the wand to get decent results without a truckmount unit, unless of course, the carpets you are cleaning are in really good shape to begin with. Use quality chemicals, I can't stress this enough. Advertise in the local papers and pennysavers classified ads can be worth their weight in paper. Knock on some doors, businesses, office buildings, apartment complexes, restaurants, bars, etc. Give em your card and offer to cut them a deal for trying your service. Most will book you on the spot. Now its time to prove yourself. Search the internet for basic instructions in carpet cleaning and spotting. Then go out there with confidence. Remember, you're competition can crush you with their knowledge, and equipment so be humble and rise above the rest by providing a quality job at a good price, great customer service, and a guarantee. Good Luck.


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      Please read posting at
      This is an overpriced wand that propobly cost $300 to make and sells for $2000. You can acheave the same results with a 15" Hild floor machine for $399. I will add more comments later when I have more time.


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        help with a machine order

        please read


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          Thank you Magiccarpet your message is very helpful. I shall do some more research on your suggestions,do you know of any good websites to were i can get this data? Thanks again. Donald thanks for your link i am going there next.


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            carpet cleaning equipment

            after you narrow down your search, please email me with any future questions, for I have worked with hundreds of different types of machines in the last 25 years.


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              additional Rotovac comments where just added at


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                Originally posted by Donald
                after you narrow down your search, please email me with any future questions, for I have worked with hundreds of different types of machines in the last 25 years.
                Donald can you give me a call? I have lots of questions.If your willing to work with me I would be happy to purchase my equipment and any thing else I would need to get off to a good start (as long as it is within my budjet) through your company.Iam in the state of Washington you can reach me at 360-694-2784 Thanks,Luke