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  • bonnet method..please

    I am in hopes that someone can fully describe the options for bonnet cleaning with a portable. I currently own a small portable and would like to begin the bonnet scrub method before using this under powered machine.

    I have read many posts here about this method and variables. I have read about pads verses brushes.

    I shampoo mostly RV's and one or two rooms in a house. I bought a Rotovac set-up last year and frankly I like it a lot but my inline heater is a waste for that much water. I stopped using the rotovac as of late and began just using a floor wand. It does take more work and the results are not the same(at least to me) However, the dry times are way faster and the trips for adding and dumping water are fewer.

    I thought I wanted to get the rotovac set-up and begin my new life! I had no idea how much set-up is involved and now that the results are not the same...well I got discouraged. after reading a few posts about the bonnet method followed by extraction, I got the bug again.

    So, someone please list the steps and equipment needed for me please.

    I currently pre-spray...dwell....use a hand held brush on spots...extract (my water has a brown out rinse aid I add). I would like to rinse again with just plain water but I am already way behind the curve time wise with my extensive set-up. I am already the most expensive carpet guy around! I do not mind doing extra work and charging more so long as my results ROCK!

    I am a firm believer in image and customer service! Right now, I have no right to be as expensive as I need to be! I feel I will if I ad the bonnet method.

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    bonnet method

    Make sure you have read the article on the Cleaning Pie.

    If you don't want to give up on using heat, you could add a second 2000 watt heater to try to keep up with the Rotovac but I would only consider using a Rotovac with machines that have auto fill, auto dump, and at least 6 stages of vacuum to pick up all that water. We do sell kits for adding these 'auto' features. With the added power draw you might need a 220 volt converter.
    220 Volt to 110 Volt Converter W 6 GFCI Outlets, SBM220X110X6, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam, This converter is great for use with the new high performance portables that need 3 different circuit breakers. Run all three cords ...

    First prespray using an injection sprayer. This will spray as fast as you can walk.
    Injection Sprayer, INJ-2000, , 5 QT. INJECTOR SPRAYER Parts interchangeable with HydroForce 30 TO 1000 psi Use with Truck Mount or Portable Valve by DEMA ENGINEERING Multi-Sprayer first with stronger, translucent 5 quart jugs Each unit sold with 2 jugs...

    I like (for home cleaning) Ambush with a little Kryptonite booster as the prespray.
    Agitate with a floor machine like the PowerFlite 1.5Hp all metal classic (Currently $675)
    with a 17" Dirt Napper Brush (currently $102.15) that uses 15" bonnets.
    The best bonnet cleaning is with a dirt napper system. This is half brush and half bonnet. The brush contains a outer ring of brushes with an absorbent bonnet in the middle.
    Extra 15" bonnets sells for $15.18 each. You will need to use one bonnet per room. The bonnets are two sided so you can go over each room twice.
    Dirt napper is located at
    Dirt Napper System bonnet System 19 Inches, Dirt Napper, , An innovative combination of a cleaning bonnet and polyester brush for fast, effective cleaning. The bristles loosen soil so the absorbent bonnet can pick it up. Ready to use, no break-in perio...

    Unlike the Rotovac that is slow going over the carpet, you will find you will do each of the these steps quite fast. Prespray fast but heavy, bonnet fast (trigger spray Dry Cleaning fluid on any remaining spots and repass the bonnet over the spot- flip/change bonnets as needed), rinse fast (Rinse with Flush Rinse Aid or clear water.), crevice around the edges of the room and vacuum up hair balls. Optional post apply protection. Groom or rake protection in.

    Bonnets can be washed and dried in a regular clothes washer and drier.

    You can also use dry bonnets on just rinsed carpet to towel dry carpet while you blow dry them with air movers. You will find that you can charge 25% more for this service and 25% of your customer will pay extra for the fast dry service.


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      Bonnet usage on carpet


      I have a question; I have heard that brushes will bloom the carpet fibers. If so, how will the dirt napper avoid this?

      Also, the pads you wrote abuot, do they fit on the dirt napper in the middle of the brushes that I see on the photo?

      If so, can these pads also be soaked or dunked in cleaning solution before shampooing?

      Thanks, Philip


      In cleaning school, any type of mechanical agitation can attribute to blooming, but this is rare. The only types of agitation that will not are 'Tamping' (vertical agitation) and increased pressure (below 500 psi). To avoid blooming, lubricate the fiber well and move fast. Never stay in the same spot very long. The carpet should only be agitated to the smallest level that still achieves enough soil suspension make possible the rinsing action.

      The use of the Dirt Napper offers the agitation level that is more aggressive that a solid bonnet and less aggressive than a solid brush all the while performing the first level of soil removal. Compare cleaning your car. If I spray the cars ****t job with soap, scrub with a foaming brush, pressure wash, pressure rinse, and finally towel dry. The towel will absorb dirt from the drying regardless of how well of job you think you did with the earlier steps. Cleaning with a straight brush, only is cleaning through diffused agglomeration and does not remove any soil.

      The bonnets fit in a recessed part of the brush so the tips of the brush are on the same elevation as the lower side of the bonnet.

      For larger commercial jobs where you will run out of bonnets. Clean on site with a mob bucket ringer. For the average job, you will only need to spray the carpet and spray the bonnet for use.