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currently own a pressure washing business

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  • currently own a pressure washing business

    I have a 4000 psi 4 gpm pressure washer and deisel fired water heater for same. I own a small 100 non heated extractor. I am wondering if there is a way to put the pressure washer and heater together with my extractor to increase my extractors performance?

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    pressure washer for carpet cleaning

    Your pressure washer has a flow control switch on it that once the water starts moving down the hose, it turns on the burner to heat the water. Carpet cleaning at 500 psi at 1 to 1.5 gpm is not enough water to turn on the switch and make the pressure washer heat the water. In order to use you pressure washer in carpet cleaning the following options would need to be performed. 1. Change the pressure washers flow control to the smallest one possible. 2. install pressure side bypass on the wand that you want to use. This is a small ball valve or needle valve on your wand that allows additional water to go directly into the wand vacuum to use more water. 3. Install a "T" fitting on the pressure side of the pressure washer with a ball valve that bleeds off additional water into the street or customer sewer clean out drain in front of the house.