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Velocity Do not Buy! Beware Please read

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  • Velocity Do not Buy! Beware Please read

    Hello my name is Richard i Bought a unit from Albert From velocity technology in July 2012 Paid in full, his name is ALBERT CLARK, he has screwed others also and keep's promising us for months for a unit? His customer service is fine but the credibility of velocity as a company i feel ashamed to tell you sucks...

    I bought the velocity truck mount volt i have spoke to law enforcement about albert clark velocity dealings he owe's 3 people machines and velocity has ran out of money to do refunds..

    I also spoke to State department Attorney's office about the dealing with velocity if albert clark doesn't work out his business and refund me and have my unit by Next Thursday Jan 3/2013 in buffalo new york i will also be suing velocity for loss work and lost wages almost 5-6 months in the making of this unit is messed up.

    Albert clark is a nice guy but business dealings with this company is outrageous

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    missing truckmount

    Since I have a brand new unit on the showroom floor how come you chose to pay for something that did not exist instead of what can ship today?
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      I actually did call steambrite and your customer service sucks so i decided to call albert clark and order a unit back in july still nothing

      if you wanna use details so far people has waited 1 year for units and 3 more hasn't have nothing with broken promises.

      Will reed 15000
      me 2100
      jim and mike from iohao for 10000

      Were not talking small money here just letting everyone no about a company that doesn't give rats ass about his customers.

      Still waiting for a refund for 2 weeks now

      Email albert sent me

      What to expect:









      *(1) or (2) GALLON CHEMICAL SHELF-

      *300' CLEANING RANGE-

      *300' DOUBLE HOSE REEL- (Blue.)

      Estimated date of shipment will be 2-weeks from this Sunday or sooner.

      Customer agrees to cover S&H Charges.

      There's no balance owed on the above described Unit!

      If Unit not shipped by the 2-week mark, a refund for the above described Unit will be issued to the Customer (Richard Sousa.)


      Please make corrections or additions and I will type a Final Version.


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        missing machines

        I am sorry to hear about this problem. This is very troubling. As far as I know Albert is not out of business yet, so maybe he will fill the orders....(we hope)
        The balance of the relationship between Albert and us is that he purchased parts to build his machines/equipment from us in exchange for truckmount tech support. He in turn supplies us with completed units to sell on our website.
        For our customers, as a rule, we never accept more than 25% down on a machine that cannot ship in the same week and only 25% if it is already in production. Balance is due when the equipment is ready to ship. If you paid by credit card Albert is required to fill the orders in 30 days or you can request a refund through your credit card company. I can tell you that the machine he built for us that is in stock is impressive and works very well. Since you purchased the equipment outside of Steambrite I am not aware nor have any information to help you acquire your money back or your ordered equipment. But in the future you can pay with a credit card or only pay a deposit on equipment that is under production.
        I do find your comment about our "customer service sucks" interesting since we are not Ebay. This means we have a live BoltChat link on our website for instant communication with customer service, we have a phone number to call, we answer all emails and phone calls. What more could we ever do for more customer service? We have spend hours and hours on the phone for free helping carpet cleaners learn this business and have been doing so for over 30 years. The only time I have ever heard of customer complaints about Steambrite is when customers are being totally unreasonable.

        Their are three reasons a customer complains about Steambrite, non of which are our fault.
        1. For example our website clearly states that if you purchase a machine from us you have a full factory warranty. For example if you purchase a Mytee machine, you have a Mytee warranty and subject to the warranty they have posted on their site and ours. If you use equipment we do not offer a free rental, we do not offer free replacements, rather your equipment is fixed. I have had several customer that have used machines for more than 90 days and even 6 months and then when the machine breaks wand how come they cannot get their money back. Look at this from our point of view. If a cleaner acquires a large office building and needs and extra machine, what would stop him/or her from purchase a new machine, use it for the week and then want to return it for a full refund? That is free rental at our expense. That is unreasonable and our policy on our website clearly states this is not OK with us and if you purchase a machine from us and it breaks after you use it, it will be fixed and not replaced. New equipment is returnable and used equipment is not. We have found that some customers should not purchase on line because they cannot handle replacing vacuum motors or other simple change out parts. We find that the same customer that are un-willing to tighten a hose clamp, or change a vacuum motor, purge the air out of the pressure pump, or change out a quick disconnect are the same one's that like to scream on the forums. Some customers should only purchase from a local cleaning supply store so if they have an issue they can drive the machine back to the store and get it fixed. Here is another thought most cleaners have not though about: the average profit on what we sell is 2% of the total invoice. A $5000 sale means we make $100. If the discount price you pay is in direct relation to the return policy. For example if you purchase retail at a local store, you might pay thousands more for the same equipment that you can purchase on line. On line you might be required to self repair your machine under the warranty period (parts provided) while if you paid retail you would have a store to take the equipment back to. These are decisions you make before you purchase. We offer on site repair extended warranties with all our equipment and I always find it odd when a customer does not purchase the policy but still expects on site service when they have a warranty issue. The nice thing about carpet cleaning equipment, is they are really easy to work on and do not take any special training or tools. If you can change the oil on your car, you can work on a carpet cleaning machine. I cannot even count the number of times a customer ran their pump dry while cleaning and after refilling their machine wander how come the pump will not build pressure. They think "OMG my brand new machine just broke!" Then proceed to call and demand that we either drive or fly to their location because they do not want to vacuum prime the pump after they caused the problem. The think about this is, #1 they caused the problem, #2 it is a 10 second repair job yet they still call and complain that we somehow made them loose hundreds of dollars because we shipped them a broken machine.

        #2) The customer confuses tech support from the factory with that of Steambrite. I know of several insistence's when a customer calls factory tech support and receives wrong information on test that should be performed. The customer proceeds to state "I did everything you asked and my machine still does not work." I later find out that at no time did the customer ever even call and talk to me or the SteamBrite service manager. They only talked to the factory and an blaming us for factory supplied mis-information. You will find that SteamBrite is a great resource for all types of help. You have to realize that we have been around much longer than most factories and is way more knowledgeable. One of the advantage to purchase from Steambrite over factory direct is you have a second resource for help. Customer seam to think if they purchase factory direct they will somehow get better service than though a dealer. This is not the case. I once had a customer order a ACE Truckmount through us and the factory ran out of money to build the machine. Both the customer and SteamBrite where out of $17,000. We were able to supply the customer with a replacement El Diablo Truckmount of the same value. We paid for his machine out of our pocket because it was not the customer fault that the factory went out of business. Remember ACE kept all the money! At the same time I later found out that ACE took orders from 3 other customers direct at the same time. Because those customers ordered factory direct, they got nothing for their money.

        #3) Complains about slow shipping. You have to realize out of the thousands and thousand of items we sell, we do not make most of these items. We are at the mercy of the factories and shipping. Some companies historically fill orders very slow. They have difficulty keeping up with orders. Albert sense his inception is one of these companies. Their about a dozen more that we sell for that we usually have to wait more than 30 days to receive the items they make. If you placed your order with us, we would have made you aware you will have to wait for what you ordered.

        I honestly do not think you could every find another company with more customer service than SteamBrite. I check our records and you have never made a single purchase from us yet you proceed to state we have poor customer service??? You have no basis for this comment since you have never been a customer.


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          Alberts address isn't even right he was suppose to show up at will reeds house to deliver the truckmount 3 days ago he is a con now will reed is out 12000 jim and mike 10000 and me 2100 and there are other victims out there but you guys still hold him as a supplier shame on steam brite!


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            Reply to Richard

            #1 I cannot help you that you choose to purchase from Albert instead of SteamBrite. By doing so means you have no recourse with SteamBrite. Your purchase contract is between Albert and you.
            #2 if you placed your order with us, we would have only taken a 25% deposit until your machine was ready to ship, and would not have accepted a deposit at all until the equipment was for sure going to be available within 30 days. It would have not cost you a penny more to place your order through us, but instead you choose to pay Albert direct and not have SteamBrite to back you up on warranty issues or order fulfillment.
            #3 just because I have a machine on our showroom floor does not make us culpable for Albert's actions. It is a very nice machine and works very well. The function of the item is for us to sell it and for our customers to make money with it.

            Here is what this is like: Say you purchased an item from WalMart. You are having a poor experience with that vendor (Walmart) and now hate them. I too, have purchased some items in the past from Walmart so they are a SteamBrite vendor. Now because I have made a past purchase at Walmart you hate me too unless I promise to never shop at Walmart again. You do see how ridiculous that is, don't you?

            When you make a purchase through a dealer the dealer becomes a resource "to be in your corner" during these 'issues.' You made a purchase with a brand new company rather than one that has been around, helping carpet cleaning companies grow for over the last 32 years. I am sorry you are having an issue with Albert, but it really does not involve SteamBrite. You should concentrate on resolving your issue with the person or company you chose to do business with, instead of trying to dictate how we run our business. As long as we deliver the products we sell and stand behind those products to our customers, then the rest of the details are really not your concern.

            Hopefully Albert will eventually get on his feet and out from under his prior obligations and then working with Steam Brite become a huge success. However even if things do not work out that way, Steam Brite customers will not have suffered.


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              Guess what scum bag is in jail goes figures! he running pay check to pay check he has screwed 9 businesses in town! Good luck albert clark doesnt have the capital to give to you guys...