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  • rain gutter shop vacuum

    Question: Hello,
    My name is Gary,
    I was wondering if you could please tell me which vacuum would be best suited for cleaning
    rain gutters? filled with wet leaves, dirt ect, I was just looking on some UK websites and
    they are using 3 motor and 3000 watt vacuums over there for gutters but I can't seem to find the kind there using there here in the USA.
    I'm considering buying the Shazaam because it seems very close to the ones there
    using over there , would you recommend the Shazaam for
    cleaning rain gutters or would you recommend a different vacuum? also can you please tell
    me how many watts each motor puts out on the Shazaam Vacuum.
    Thank you, Gary.

    Answer: The Shazaam unit has three 2 stage motors on it. These can be wired as a two corded machine or a single power cord machine. Each vacuum motor draws 3.75 amps or 900 watts each at 240 volts. If you place all three motors on one cord, the machine will draw 11.25 amps @ 240 volts.
    Please confirm the maximum amount of power your outlets can handle. If it is wired as a two corded machine we install one motor by-itself and the other two vacuum motors on a shared power cord.

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    Best vacuum for cleaning gutter

    Hi, everyone.

    I will hopefully be using the vacuum that I purchase everyday, I will be plugging in to the customers standard 120v
    wall outlets at there homes until I can afford to buy a generator. I really like the idea of three motors on one cord, do you think all three motors on one cord would draw to much power?
    I would like the strongest vacuum that I can afford but I also do not want to trip the customers breaker, I will be using the vacuum for cleaning gutters. The one story rain gutters shouldn't be a problem but I,m worried about the second story gutters, I will be using extension gutter poles from the ground to get the second story so
    my fear is that the vacuum I buy will not be strong enough, any recommendations
    or advice on the best vacuum for me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much,



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      The strongest 120 volt shop vac

      3 motor shop vacs draw about 21 amps at 120 volts so it is recommended to make this type of vacuum a 2 corded system so you would have one cord at 15 amps and one cord at 7.5 amps. This way it will plug in everywhere. The more power cords a machine has the easier it is to plug in and use. The "I really like one cord" comment is confusing to me. To divide up the amp draw among multiple cords will always improve the ease of plugging in and not tripping breakers because you are not trying to stuff all the power on one breakers.
      For leaf pick up you should consider machines with a 2" vacuum port. I fell that larger leaves would get stuck in a 1.5" ID hose.
      The strongest 120 volt shop vac is the Goliath
      The above link is for wet pick up too with auto dump capabilities but I am sure I could get a price for you to have one made without the auto pump out.
      For true leaf pick up I would think you would want a larger accumulation tank. I was thinking about a metal 55 gallon drum with a lift off lid. This way you could insert some large trash bags in the drum and then have the use of 2" vacuum hose.


      or even

      I was thinking something like this would work well for you or a variation of this.
      Like a 4 vacuum motor non hepa unit.


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        A price for the Goliath made without the auto pump

        A price for the Goliath made without the auto pump would be great but I'm not sure if that would bring the price down enough for me. I have a limit of about $600, I think I will go with your recommendation of a 2 corded system on the
        3 motor Shazaam.

        Thanks, Gary.


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          Air Duct Cleaning tools for downspouts?

          Hi Donald,

          I ordered the Shazaam Triple Vacuum Motor Wet Dry Shop Vac from you guys yesterday, it looks like a really nice vacuum, I know it's going to work really well for the work that I'm going to be using it for, I can't wait to try it out, any way
          I was wondering do you sell anything that you would recommend for cleaning 2nd story downspouts from the ground?
          I see you have a wide selection of Air Duct Cleaning tools, I'm thinking maybe one of the Drill Powered cable tools
          would work but the brush would have to be strong enough to break up leaves and other debris packed in side the downspout.




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            dryer vent brush for rain gutters??

            Off hand I kind of envision taking a cable, like
            Stick it inside of pvc pipe to control it.
            I would not use 90 degree turns rather 45 degree turns so the cable has more time to flex around the corner.
            Have you ever though about using a pressure washer instead?


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              The brush on that one looks stiff enough to break up the debris packed into the downspout.


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                Hi Donald,

                I got the Shazzam wet/dry vacuum today this thing is cool!

                it's going to work great for what I need it for,

                the only thing I need to change is the vacuum port on the tank where the hose goes, it only excepts the

                small hose the vacuum cam with, can you recommend some kind of universal port

                that I can switch this one out with that will except a regular smooth 1.5" hose fitting? or a 2".

                I cant really find anything that looks like it will work except for the

                Shop-vac 906-87-00 Universal Tool Adapter they have at sears, but I'm not sure about that.

                if you guys carry anything or know of anything that will work please let me know,

                any kind of help or advice would be great.




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                  Convert triple motor shop vac to 2" port

                  I do not have any way for you to easily confirt this to a 2" port. You would have to make your own 2" port. This means taking a carbide 2-1/4" hose saw and cut a hole, tap a 2" pipe thread into the hole, thread in the plastic connectors, plug off the hose/port you are not using.




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                    Thanks Donald,

                    That sounds good.

                    I tried the Vacuum out on the gutters today, it's powerful I'm really happy with it.

                    I would also like to buy a generator to run the Shazzam wet/dry Vacuum on,

                    would a 3,500-Watt Generator be good enough for this Vacuum with both power cords plugged in to it?

                    also do you carry the motors that go with this Vacuum? it would be nice to have a spare

                    and are they fairly easy to get to and replace?




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                      generator use on a strong shop vacuuum

                      it is important on generators that your surge rating be double your use rating. You vacuum is 21 amp X 120 volt = 2520 watts.
                      You should make sure the generator is a 5000 watt surg rated generator.
                      Please visit
                      Though this is surge at 6500 it is less money than many 5000 watt surge generators.

                      Replacement vacuum motors are $80 each and we can also ship one to you.


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                        Thanks Donald,

                        You kept me from making an expensive mistake!
                        Thanks for all the info it really helps a lot.

                        Thank you,