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Carpet Cleaning Equipment Spaghetti bowl of cords and hoses

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  • Carpet Cleaning Equipment Spaghetti bowl of cords and hoses

    Question: while using the rotovac 360i with my extractor and our modified auto-dump set up, the rotovac does such a deep cleaning, pulling hair and anything else in it's path that the extractor and auto dump seems to get clogged up. This was a very trashed carpet. We only ran the 25' vac hose, cause that's all my 300 psi can handle with the 360i, but all the hair, etc would get clogged up in the dirty tank. It worked ok for quite a long time, but then we finally had to remove the lid and remove the hair from the unit. I have one of the big blue filter tubes (purchased from you) but since I'm only using 25' vac hose I didn't know where to try and use the filter (so I didn't use one). after cleaning the hair out the unit returned to working properly. do you have any helpful thoughts on this ?
    It's fairly difficult to use the Rotovac with the short vac hose, with all the power cords required (qty 4, rotovac, two for extractor - pump and vac, and one for the autodump case), along with vac hose, the autodump hose, and the extended hot water hose, and the PSI hose...boy what a spaghetti fest. I'm not sure I can continue with this set up and may have to look at alternatives.
    Sure would be nice to have a truckmount...
    any thoughts or suggestions you might have would be appreciated.
    thanks, Barry

    Answer: The key to using any power wand is more vacuum with auto fill/ auto dump and preferably pressure feed auto fill (which I know you already have). You need to be able to set up once and clean the entire home /project. As you increase your vacuum and electrical power requirements it become more necessary to use electric clothes drier and oven electrical converters. The problem with these is it seams that only the lower half (southern states) of the USA seam to make these a common staple in most homes. The use of 220 volt converters remove the need to hunt down different breakers.
    Here is one example
    These are made with two outlets, 4 outlets, 6 outlets and 8 outlets, with or without GFCI and with or without overload breakers.
    You really need to consider a hose mount vacuum booster another extractor.

    The another extractor can mean a complete new unit or the same unit you already have and change out the front port to 2" and add a barbed fitting to the drain valve. Since your current machine is dual 2 stage series, your best performance would also be with series extractor. Here is what I mean in air and water flow: inbound air and dirty water through hose mount filter > then to first portable with drain valve left open > through hose from drain valve of first extractor to intake of auto dump extractor. Use all 2" connection, hoses, and fitting where possible except for a short 1.5" ID leader vacuum hose at the wand. When you use this type of dual extractor set up it becomes possible to also separate the machines for each machine to either be on two jobs sites at the same time or two different sides of a larger job site or combine for super long hose runs while using a power wand.
    To change out the front port of the extractor from 1.5" to 2" with
    2 Barbed X 1-1 2 Mip Plastic Connector Vacuum Port 20130429, 20130429, Hose Cuffs & Connectors, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm,  2 Barbed X 1-1 2 Mip Plastic Connector Easily convert you 1-1 2 barbed connection on the front of your po...

    As cleaners increase their amp draw requirements and run into jobs that do not have 220/240 volt electric clothes drier plugs they move up to using back up generators. Our most popular generator is the BE9000
    BE Pressure Supply PowerEase 9000 watt Generator Electric Start 7100 watt run free shipping , BE-9000ER, Generators-Consumer Portable, Electrical Generators, by BE Pressure Supply,   This generator will give you 50 more output power than the BE-65...

    This also is available with a stainless steel high pressure generator heat exchanger so you can use the exhaust to heat your water too. The exchanger package is $1000 unless you purchase our generator then it has a $200 discount. At today's price currently at $1600 for both. For carpet and upholstery cleaning the heat exchanger can heat up cold water from the garden hose but for tile and grout cleaning you will need to transfer the customers hot water from inside to the outside equipment with a hot water rated garden hose.
    Shazaam Live Hot Water Garden Hose Reel with 100 ft by 3 8 Hose included, SBM100GL, Hose Reels, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam,  100 ft live garden hose reel allow you to hook to your customer hot water supply at  their  kitchen or ...

    Many times cleaners set up all the equipment to run on the converters and use a single power cord from the electric clothes drier to transfer the power to the service truck.
    220 Volt 50 ft 10-3 Extension Cord, F193, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Steambrite MFG, 50 ft 220 volt electrical power extension cord has 3 prong 30 amp male and female end, made with 10-3 strained wire and outdoor rated jacket.&nbsp...

    When no 220/240 plug is available the generator will have a converter plug to plug into your other converter. Like a converter for a converter
    Shazaam Generator to drier converter adapter, L1430P1030R, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam, This converter adapts power from your generator L14-30R to standard 3 wire dryer  receptacle . Includes a male L14-30P plug head - ...

    If the home is newer and has a NEMA 14-30 receptacle instead of the older 10-30 receptacle then just use a converter for this too.
    220 Volt Converts 4 Prong 30 amp to 3, SBM220 30 4X, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Steambrite MFG, Used to converter 4 prong 30 amp electric clothes drier or similar to 3 prong electric drier receptical. Note User assumes all responsi...

    If you stay with the electrical system, you can add components as your company grows. If you move up to a truckmount it becomes a leap of investment all at once.

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    What is a power wand?
    Question: What is a carpet cleaning machine 'Power Wand'? Answer: A power wand refers to any carpet cleaning wand that operates on the end of a vacuum and solution

    Pressure feed auto fill

    Auto dump kit for portables
    Clean Storm Auto Dump Kit for Carpet Cleaning Machines 20130805 replaces the Mytee PB3 , 20130805, , by Clean Storm,  Clean Storm Auto Dump Kit for Carpet Cleaning Machines  Add automatic waste water dump to almost any portable carpet cleanin...

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    thanks Donald, I appreciate the info, but also want to keep things simple and not add more components to an already messy set-up.

    question 1) is there any problem using the Rotovac 360i with just a vac hose leading to the extractor, which has my modified auto dump lid, without using the large clear blue plastic lint filter ( ? Based on my recent experience I know the Rotovac pulls a lot of garbage into the vac and extractor, and the auto dump filter screen bulb can only handle so much hair, etc...(even with a pre-vac completed on trashed carpets). Is my only solution here to simply monitor the dirty water extractor tank and pull out the hair, etc so the extractor can maintain proper vac and functionality ?

    question 2) the home I was in yesterday was old and it was difficult to find two separate circuits for the extractor (vac/pump and heater)...would the 220V converter be a possible solution to having to search out power ? (I believe this is what you referred to in your previous response - I just want to make sure I'm clear on it). just come in the home, head straight to the dryer plug, remove it from socket, and connect the converter, run the extractor power cords to that location and avoid having to search out diff circuits. If it does work I would prob need to have 50' of power cord for each extractor cord (depending on where I place the extractor). It would be nice if I could just use 25' power cords off the extractor and then have them plugged into a converter that had a 50' extension cord back to the dryer ???

    question 3) Re; the 2" connection: You stated to "Use all 2" connection, hoses, and fitting where possible except for a short 1.5" ID leader vacuum hose at the wand"... The Rotovac 360i has a 2" connection on it. I currently use my 25' vac hose (1.5") with an adapter to 2". Are you saying I would see value by changing the extractor 1'5" front port to 2" and running all 2" hose ? what could I expect to see with this approach, if anything ? The current 1'5" approach seems to work fine, but if the 2" will be better I would consider making that move. I suspect it will only help if I was to also add the additional auto dump extractor for more vac power...correct ?


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      still could use your response to my previous post...I also found out today the Rotovac 360i vacuum connection supports both 1.5 (inside connection) and 2" hose (outside connection).


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        Transition to more 2" ID vacuum hose and 220 volt converters

        Sorry for the delay,
        #1 is is required that all auto dump machines use some type of hose mount lint filtration systems.

        If you do not, the added trash will shorten the life of your pump used in your auto pump out and require more frequent aggravation of clogging.

        #2 I always found it much easier to use 220 volt converters for multi-power corded portables because it eliminates the hunting of different breakers.
        Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, 220 Volt 33 ft 3 Prong Extension Cord, 220 Volt Converts 4 Prong 30 amp to 3, 220 Volt to 110 Volt Modified Dual Receptical, 220 Volt 3 Prong 50 amp to 30 amp Adapter, 220 Volt 4 Prong 50 amp to 30 amp 3 Pro...

        Using a converter should always be your first choice and only if the job site does not have this your second choice is separate breakers, and 3rd choice is using a back up generator. Depending on the power draw set up you can purchase the converters in single gang (two 20 amp outlets), double gang (four 20 amp outlets), triple gang (6 outlets - 1 gang 20 amps, 2 gang 15 amp each), 4 gang (8 outlets- all gangs 15 amps each) If you have to use a 220 volt power extension cord, try to keep it short (under 50 ft)
        The default way is to purchase your entire converter set up to the NEMA 10-30 configuration and if you run into other outlets than you purchase a converter for a converter. Example if the wall has a NEMA 14-30R you purchase a 14-30P to 10-30R adapter.
        220 Volt Converts 4 Prong 30 amp to 3, SBM220 30 4X, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Steambrite MFG, Used to converter 4 prong 30 amp electric clothes drier or similar to 3 prong electric drier receptical. Note User assumes all responsi...

        #3 The best results is to use as much 2" vacuum hose and connections as possible and only limit the use of 1.5" vacuum hose near the cleaning tool. You will find the use of 2" ID vacuum hose all the way to the wand is irrigating. You can try it and use it and it will work better than using a short 1.5" leader but to me it is not worth the aggravation. I tried using different leader hose lengths of 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 15 ft, and 25 ft. The 25 ft length is the only one that I noticed adds a little dry time to the cleaning. I am sure shorter is better but I think many carpet cleaners spend too much effort on trying to improve there cleaning by only 1% and sometimes you just have to use what you have at your disposal without wasting too much money to make a baby improvement. For example if you already own a 25 ft vacuum hose and do not want to purchase a short leader, just cut the hose you already own in half and just purchase some extra hose cuffs and mating joints. I also do not like pushing my cuff on the inside of the wand port rather for 2" wands consider using the expanded AH46 hose cuff. It seams to last longer before you develop loose wand to hose connections but if that is all you have use it...


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          thanks very much Donald, I believe you have answered all my questions. no prob on the delay, i know i'm one of many that you constantly support and i always appreciate how you make yourself available.