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too many cleanings?

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  • too many cleanings?

    Is it possible to damaged a carpet if you clean it as often as every 2-3 months? (Truck Mounted) or say worse case.. u clean a carpet 6 times in one month?
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    Can you clean too much?

    I conducted a ten year study on comparing the same carpet installed in 5 different I-HOP restaurants, and then same type of carpet installed in 5 different Luby's Cafeterias. Each carpet was nylon installed in a direct glue down environment. Taking in consideration of the traffic volume at each location. Some locations are cleaned weekly, some bi-weekly, some monthly, some quarterly even though the traffic volume was similar (some managers just where not as interested in keeping the place clean). Each location was cleaned with a sprespray and followed with a hot water extraction rinse at 350 psi. Gum was removed with the solvent liquidation technique. The carpets that where cleaned weekly lasted the full 10 years, while carpets cleaned quarterly only lasted 5 years and then where replaced. Carpets that had biweekly or monthly carpet performed in the middle. Similar results where noted in other restaurant chains (Red Lobster, Pizza Inn,...) In conclusion, I could definitely state that you can not over clean the carpet, only under clean the carpet. I would recommend that each cleaning dry time be confirmed. The carpet should be completely dry where you started the cleaning when you finish the other side.


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      That answers a big part of my question. thank you! .. now, does it make a difference if its residential carpet stretched over pad? and does the temp. of the water from the truck mount have any effect?


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        Cleaning carpet over pad too often

        I have never cleaned any home carpets more than once a quarter for any extended period of time. So I do not know for sure. I will tell you that I did perform a test with a dual jet wand at a full 500 psi and made 7 passes up and back over the same stroke and flipped the carpet over and the back was still dry. I do not feel it is possible to soak the pad as some dry cleaning companies state in their scare tactics adds. Because 99% of all carpets are made from plastic, I do not think it would be a problem to clean carpet over pad weekly.

        In 1988 and 89 Steam Way Internation performed several test on water temperature in relation to carpet damage. In 1988 it was thought that if the water temperature raised the fiber temerature to more than 150 degree F the acid dye resister would be released from the carpet and allow for dye stains to enter the dye sites. Steam Way proved that no truckmount raised the fiber temp beyond 150 degrees with a single pass and so their are no longer any temperature restrictions.


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          Thank your Donald for all the info. IT was very helpful.