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wand glides?

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  • wand glides?

    Does anyone have any experience with wand glides like the ones from green glides or turbo teck? They state higher cfm at the wand lip ie. better soil removal and faster dry times.
    What about the wonder wand from powr flite?

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    Wand Gluides

    I do not like any of them.
    1st of all, Never send any money to Turbo Tech (Teck). I sent Ken Harris $3800 for materials for resale over a year and a half ago and he never filled our order and just kept the money. Similar results have been noted from numerous other customers.
    Wand glides first only offer any help if you own a monster mount truck-mount. When you need help with stoking the carpet with these super suckers. Even so, over 99% of carpet cleaners experience problem with stoking the carpets because they clean with there elbow bent and the assist handle too low. You will hurt your back if you do not clean with a straight back, straight elbow, chest parallel to the wand head. I started manufactured wand glides in 1981 out of multiple materials including different shapes. I found that when used in a home along the wall the tackless strip removes enough plastic material that when you than take the wand to a low profile direct glue down carpet you will loose suction and the glide will need to be replaced. Though I do sell wand glides, I do not like them. I would recommend you make sure you re-train yourself to stoke the carpet where the wand is in front of you and not along the side of you. I also do not belive that they decrease dry time. I would love to sell you a Wander Wand from Powrflite at a discounted rate. I will never be able to sell it to anyone else. It works fine, just over priced. The only problem with the design is the size of the slot opening. As the slot moves closer to the pipe the thickness is supposed to get wider to prevent vacuum and cfm loss. Another words the smallest opening should be at the lip, not where the pipe is welded to the wand head.

    I do think everybody should have a wand glide on the truck to suck water off tile floors. You do not want to scratch the tile with the stainless steel lips.
    Wand glides to restrict the air flow and increase the dry times slightly.
    They also make it harder to pick up larger debris off the carpet.

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      wand glides

      Thanks for the info Donald!! I read about Ken Harris on some other sites and you confirm what other people say about Him. I was curious about the statements these companies put out about thier products. I wont waste my money!!!