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Rigging up a pump

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  • Rigging up a pump

    Can anyone please with a diagram to rig up a pump with out a tank for carpet cleaning. Basically what I have now is just a pressure regulator on pump the send the required. Psi to wand and rest goes to a holding tank which gets recycled. Thanks in advance

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    water pump install

    When you say holding tank do you mean fresh water or dirty water?
    The bypassed water should go back to the fresh tank (if you have one) or back to the inlet of the pump. If you go back to the inlet of the pump you have to install a thermo release valve because looping the water around will burn up the pump.


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      Yes there is a fresh water tank. I would like to know what I need to divert it back to the inlet. Also when it goes back will the pressure be to high for inlet port. Thanks


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        Basic water flow with positive displacement pump

        In order to have the water that leaves the pressure regulator to back to the fresh water tank, all you need is a hose. This hose will come into the top of the tank or bottom of tank (bottom only if you have soap in the mix). Nothing special needed.
        To divert the passed water that leaves the regulator back to the inlet of the pump, you will need to know what the pipe thread count is on the outbound side of the regulator (usually 3/8" Pipe) and the pipe size on the inbound side of the water pump. The inbound side of the pump has two sides to it. Water can enter on both the left and right side of the head (usually at the bottom). Use one side for the hose from the fresh tank to the pump inlet, use the other side as a return from the pressure regulator. You will have to install a street tee fitting on regulator return side. Visit
        Street 1/2" tee
        145 degree release valve
        1/8" Mip X 1/4" Brass barbed fitting