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  • Bunch of general questions

    Can the Clean Storm 6-2300-H-230 volt include auto fill and auto dump? Answer: No, It can be added.
    We have added pressure feed auto fill to this machine for $300

    Auto dump can be added to the machine if we mount the auto dump pump on the outside of the extractor.
    Example Clean Storm Auto Dump Kit for Carpet Cleaning Machines 20130805 - 20130805 - Aquatec - Pumps Water
    The 240 volt version of this is $469.

    We can also mount the exposed pump direct on the back wall of the extractor. Like under the handle. Please note if you make a machine auto dump you are required to use/purchase a hose mount lint filtration system.

    On the Westpak 10-2451 Three stage has been updated per your request
    5 amps @ 240 volt is average draw in a machine in use. Please note bench testing a vacuum motor uses more electricity than installed with a wand on the floor.

    Baby Gum Zapper: this is a simple item. visit
    the drill drives the brush on top of gum that has a little solvent gum remover applied. The brush liquidizes the gum and preps it for rinsing.
    The baby zapper is a housing with a spring loaded outer rim to assist in having the operator bounce the brush on the gum.
    Limited stock. I have lots of brushes but the company that makes the plastic housings is not answering phones or emails. I assume they are out of business.

    Nikkro Hepa UR800 240 volt machine looks the same as the 120 volt machine. This upgrade is $300 more

    Shark moisture meter replacement needles, are they available? Answer: Yes I can order extras. I never had a customer break these. These are not like other branded sensors and are super heavy duty. I personally do no thing your employees could break these. I know you are saying, 'you do not know our employees' but these needles are super fat and heavy duty. Nobody has ever broken this sensor.

    Prochem 11.5" wand.
    Can this wand be ordered in 1.5" OD pipe? Answer: The pipe is 1-3/4" and is flared or stretched to 2" at the end for hose connection. The 1.75" pipe is half the distance between 1.5" and 2" OD pipe tools. You can easily use 1-1/2" ID vacuum hose with this wand with the use of an AH46 expanded hose cuff. These cuff are flared to fit 2" OD wands.

    We own our own Roberts Power Stretcher head, will it fit the Behr Claw AK002? Answer Yes

    Does the DriStorm 2200 air mover come in Blue and 240 volts?
    We do not stock this air mover in 240 volts but we can order it if you can wait for the two month build time. These would ship direct from China to you and would have a separate shipping charge. The cost for 200 units in 240 volts is $124 each. The 240 volts is 20% more but with the volume discount it brings it back to the same cost as 120 volt single unit air movers.