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    Sapphire Hoss 700
    What are the size of the spray jets and what repair kit are available?
    Answer: This unit does not have jets, rather it has a bunch of holes (about 25) all over the bottom. The wand has 4 different water flow rates and is controlled by the 3 different flow control disk or no disk installed.
    The only repair kit is the valve repair kit.
    OR just replace the valve after a few repair kits have been used.
    The bottom of the spinning disk has replaceable glides

    On the Samco Stair and Church Pew Wand 10" wide X 24" Long 2 jets X 15" Long
    What is the cost of the splash-guards? What are the size of the jets? What repair kits are available?
    Answer: Side splash guards are welded onto the wand and are not changeable. I believe these are Teejet 11002 jets
    These use the Damtech repair kits
    Your choice

    On the Wespak 10 in stair tool Stainless Head 2 jet 29" long 10-0771
    What is the cost of the splashguard, size of the jets, and repair kits?
    Answer: The splashguards are welded to the side of the wand and cannot be purchased separate.
    These use a brass vee jet 1/4" Mip meg 9503 jet.
    Valve repair kit

    On the Westpak 10 inch stair wand 18" Long 2 jet design what is the cost of the splashguard, what jets are installed and what repair kits are available?
    Answer: I currently do not know of any wand that has replaceable spashguards so I will not address this question any longer. So far all the jet sizes on all the westpak wand pages are also posted directly on that web page, visit
    You will notice the 1/4" Meg Veejet 9503 is posted. All these Westpak wands use the same repair kits as mentioned in the question above.

    On the AW45 Raptor Wand what are the cost of the splashguards, jets and repair kits? Answer: I do not know. I will send off and email to the factory for resolution.
    Owners manual and schematics are now loaded on webpage per your request at
    Looks like the only think you might want to have are extra spray jets.

    On the AW50 Cobra hand wand, please provide all repair parts information. Answer: All the most common repair parts are already posted on the web page, revisit
    Note information on the replacement: jet, brush, qd, valve repair are all already provided.

    What repair kits are available for the Burgess electric hot fogger?
    Answer I relocated the repair kit to the bottom of the above web page to help customer find it.

    On the extra long QEP Roberts Knee Kicker what repair kits are available?
    Answer: I know that what it is possible to order replacement teeth, impact padding, and nap holders, I am have never had a customer order these so off hand I do not know the part numbers or cost.

    What repair part are available for the Gum Zapper models?
    answer: full size Gum Zappers are not in production and we only are selling the Baby zapper and replacement brushes that you can use with your own drill. Visit
    These work using the drill to spin the brush and you use any geld ****t oil and grease remove to liquefy the gum. Examples are gelzov. Rinse with your carpet cleaning extractor.

    What maintenance kits are available for the Nikro UR800 air scrubber?
    Answer The only think you have to do is change the filters and wipe down the unit with a damp cloth.
    The above web page had the filter links fixed so you can see all the options.

    What repair kits are available for the MV910/ Pumptec 30483 valve?
    The replacement internal valve cost as much as the entire gun. Not something I would bother to rebuild.

    Does the Hydroforce 14 LED UV Flashlights have replacement bulbs?
    Answer: The light has been discontinued. Please visit
    Non of the UV flashlights have replacement bulbs. You can only change the batteries.

    Does the
    sprayer come with any repair kits?
    Answer: No. The key for any pump up sprayer is lubrication. Please use lithium grease.
    The piston and tank seals needs to be lubricated each day. If you do this the sprayer will not ware out.

    Does the Solo 410-Ci sprayer have repair kits?
    Answer: Yes. In side the box is a complete list of every part that is used to make the sprayer, but again if you use the lithium grease daily I really don't think you will need any kits.

    On the Mytee LTD3-230v what are the accessories, repair parts, and type of pump used?
    Answer: Accessories would need to be all the things that you might want to have with you like the one used in the starter kit
    Repair parts would be replacement vacuum motors, brass Quick connects, 251-30 wand valve. The type of pump installed under the hood has been toggling between the General T9051EBF, Pumptec 207v, and Cat 1XP150.051 pumps.

    Question: Any spare parts needed for Mytee Turbo Heater 230 volts?
    Answer: The thermostats are the most common replacement part
    Followed by the switches
    Lastly replacement heating rod
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    More random questions

    1. Westpak 10-1455 Carpet Cleaning Wand 12in 1.5"Pipe 2 Jet 1200psi Valve Double Bend AW29 [10-1455] $169.99
    Question: The glide is for low pile carpet how can I deal with high pile carpet ? For cleaning method I don't know what is the difference between the low pile carpet and the high pile one.
    Glide make the wand more powerful or more suction , right? If so I definitely need the glide.

    Answer: NO, Glides are for sucking water off tile floors in water extraction job conditions. The slots in the glide create vacuum resistance and increase dry times. Though some customer opt to glue the glide on as a permanent accessories you do not need the glide to clean carpets or to prevent from hurting your back. Customers that require glides usually require them as they use poor wand posturing/ stroking of the carpet. Example on the back rinse stroke if right handed your elbow is straight and your chest is parallel with the head of the wand. On the forward dry stroke the assist handle is mounted on the highest part of the pipe and your left hand only touches when you are walking forward and your left elbow is straight. Do not bend and twist your back at any time.

    Question: The default jets come with the wand are 110015 . The optional ones are 11001 and 11002 .What is the difference and Which one can do the best with the 500 PSI pump and
    four 2 stage motor extractor?

    Answer: 110 mean 110 degree spray pattern. 015 mean 1.5 gallon per minute at 4000 psi, 01 means 1 gallon per minute at 4000 psi, 02 mean 2 gallon per min at 4000 psi. Naturally X 2 jets means double these flow rates but we are going to use at 400 to 500 psi not 4000 psi so the flow rate are going to be a small fraction of these 4000 psi flow rates. I think customer should carry all jet sizes with them. You might have one customer that needs the carpet dry super fast so install the small jets and use air movers to blow dry the job. Another customer might have had a tenet overhaul and engine the living room and you really are going to have to flush a lot of water through the carpet to get it clean and since the home is empty extended dry times are not a problem. The 1.5 jets are for most normal jobs.

    Question: Is the stainless steel jet more sturdy than the brass one? How long can these jets be used? Maybe later I need replace them.

    Answer: All jet wear out but brass wear out about in a year and stainless take about 2 years but cost twice as much. This is like water in a rushing stream that can make rocks round after a few years under water. The water will change the shape of the hole with time.

    Question: I checked the TMI auto seal wand . Is it better than Westpak? What is the best Wand you recommend ? I need the light weight and more efficiency one.
    Answer: No. Carpet is not a flat steel plate and the Westpak dries as well as the TMI Auto Seal. For every inch a jet is off the floor the temperature loss can be as much as 30 degree F. The reason for two jet is to move the jets closer to the floor for less temperature loss. Here is a test for you: the next time you are at a self sever pressure car wash booth, spray your car at one foot from the ****t job and interject your hand into that 1200 psi spray. Now move the tip to 6 inches from the ****t job and interject your hand into the spray. You will find the getting closer is hotter and the water does not slow down as much as the air slows the spray pattern down. Their is no advantage to the TMI wand.

    I found this wand on your website :Zipper 13 Inch Dual Port Walk Behind Carpet Cleaning Wand (Free Shipping) [Zipper13] Price: $1,994.00

    Question: Is this one better than the sapphire scientific hoss 700? The same problem is what size jets to choose .

    Answer: The only substitution for agitation is more heat, more pressure, more chemicals. Please read article about the cleaning pie.
    The ultimate cleaning takes place with all four features of the cleaning pie: dwell time, chemical, agitation, heat.
    The Hoss is better for thicker plusher carpets (like used in homes) while the Zipper is more commonly used in commercial environments. Either wand will clean in each others environment, but each is better than the other in different ways.

    Question: Big wand, medium wand, and stair tool, and detailing wand are enough for the tools, is it right?
    Answer: Usually but depends on the surfaces. Example I love crevice tools
    OR if it am going to rinse tile floors I might want a crevice tool for tile too.

    Question: The inside spray open spray and close spray which one is better? I like the high PSI tool made in USA . I look the internal spray with side window tool is cool which size
    should I choose 5 inches or 5.5 inches or 6 inches and what is your recommend? Because I never try any tools and I can not take trial-and-error method and I can not pay
    that much so your advises is most important to me for choosing the tools and equipment.

    Answer: Please visit
    Best tool for the money for electric heated and propane heated machines. If you are going to heat water with a flow switch activated heater, I recommend adding a pressure side bypass to the valve. Example

    Question:. HydroForce AR54H Gekko 14" Brush Tool Head Attachment [AR54H] $203.00
    The picture shown on the website is like this (see the attachment ) has two split sprays but the wand has only one connect this made me confused (I know for sure it is not a

    Answer: Actually both side of this head join together and this tool is designed to work with the AR54A Wand Pipe.
    There have been two evolution of this head but both work with the AR54A pipe.

    Question The filter comes with the extractor is HydroForce AC10 Truckmount Hose Mount Carpet Cleaning Lint Filter HydroFilter [AC10]
    Can I change this one with :Mytee F200 Hose Mount Lint Hog Debris Carpet Cleaning Machine Hose Filter for 2 inch vacuum hose [F200] and Mytee G008 Nylon Piggie Lint
    Filter Inserts [G008] I pay the extra money.

    Answer: Yes. They cost the same. Please note that G008 Filter inserts do reduce vacuum performance and are used for Mytee and Nautilus branded auto dump portables because they use a much smaller diaphragm style auto dump pump than does Clean Storm, Sandia Plastics, MasterBlend auto dump portables. The Clean Storm, Sandia Plastics, and MasterBlend portable only need the waste tank rinsed out after each job with the use of either of these filters.

    Question.Is the extractor comes with the stainless waste tank drain valve [SBMFlapValve] if not I like replace this one too.

    Answer: Only the Goliath series portables have this option to upgrade to stainless lifetime flap valve. These flap drain valves are discounted from $70 to $50 with the purchase of a Goliath series portable.

    Question: Is the Goliath extractor comes with chemical feed function ? I need your advice.

    Answer: The Goliath when being used as a pressure feed portable does not inject chemical. If used as a suction feed portable, simply add the amount of formulated rinse aid to your fresh water tank. I personally prefer to still use the machine as a pressure feed portable for the added water temperature, pump performance and pump life.
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      More random questions

      Question .HydroForce AR54H Gekko 14" Brush Tool Head Attachment [AR54H] $203.00
      The brush head and squeegee head which one is better for portable extractor ?

      Answer: smaller protables use squeegee headed tools while the stronger vacuum portables and truckmounts use brush lit tools.

      Question: PMF Hard Surface 4-1/2"Wide 500psi Internal Spray Specialty Hand Tools Scrubber Detailer Wand [U1590SB] $184.00

      Question .PMF W1590SB Hard Surface Wands 4-1/2 in Scrubbing Wand [W1590SB] $299.96
      [U1590SB] and [W1590SB] looks almost the same Can I buy the cheaper one and upgrade myself? what is the difference beside the valve and nozzle?
      Answer: The "W" mean full size floor wand with a 60 inch long pipe. The "U" means small hand tool. You cannot convert one for the other.

      Question: HydroForce AS08R Revolution Injection Sprayer Free Shipping [AS08R] $174.99
      I do like the dilute rate adjustable function but the bottle is a little bit larger . You have similar and better one ?

      Answer: The "R" in the part number mean Revolution and is designed for carpet dyers. This way as you apply the carpet dye you can make it lighter or darker as you go. All the non dyers use standard injection sprayers: AS08, AS08P, Selector Injector as these spray either 1 to 4 or 1 to 8. No matter the chemical you just multiple the ounces per gallon times 4 or 8. Example if I set my sprayer to spray 1 to 4 (most common) and the instructions say use two ounces per gallon, I just go 2 x 4 = 8 and place 8 oz with a gallon of water in the jug.

      Further more I also need chemicals crevice and stair tools ( USA made is the best ) and some other stuff but I have no idea.
      Carpet cleaning chemicals:
      Pet odor chemicals
      Stain removal chemicals
      Hand crevice tool
      Stand up crevice tool

      question: For now These are I need after checking your website for a long time. I know for sure there must be something important omitted by me . I need your professional
      advises. I trust you . I need your further support in the future.I do like do cleaning I like everywhere nice and neat.

      Answer: That is a hard one to answer. You we never stop growing your business and always have a need to purchase more stuff. I figure the way to look at this is to think about the steps as you enter a home. #1 inspection and consultation. You will need a UV LED light to find urine.
      You need a moisture meter to confirm the spots are urine.
      You need and injection sprayer and then some way to scrub the carpet. Example power wand, CRB, or horizontal agitator. You will need a way to rinse the carpet (extractor and wand) You might want some corner guards,
      sticky tabs,
      lift buddy,
      furniture skidders
      Velcro stair hook
      When you are finished you will want to crevice around the room, sell some fabric protection and rake the protector into the carpet.
      You might want to offer speed dry service
      Some cleaners like to offer additional services for bed bug treatment or flea control
      Clean the furniture and vacuum the drapery with optional flame retardant.
      Some cleaners like to offer air duct cleaning
      and pressure washing
      and once you own a pressure washer you can purchase tile cleaning tools to cleaning both inside and out


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        Random carpet cleaning questions

        Question: On the Mytee LTD12 is this machine heated?

        Answer: No heat. The reason for this is amp draw and performance on two power cords. Between two low amp draw 3 stage vacuums and the General Pump they are using 30 amps of power at 120 volts or 15 amps on 240 volts. No electrical room for a heater. Also the heating chambers would break on pressures over 500 psi and the water flows through the heaters so fast at 2.2 gallon per minute that they experience a very low temperature rise.

        Question what are the most common replacement parts to have on hand for the Mytee LTD12?

        Answer: C302LA 120v or C304LA 240v Replacement vacuum motors, H308D pressure gauge (2000 psi), E515 rocker switches.

        Question: On the PMF 12 Titanium Wand. What are the most common replacement parts?

        Answer: Just a replacement valve or rebuild kit for the valve

        Question: What are the most common replacement parts for the Prochem 11.5" quad jet wand?

        Answer: The valve repair kit

        Question on the Aquatec 60 psi 230 volt pump, any repair kits available?

        Question on the Cat 1Xp150.051 what maintenance needs to be done?
        Answer: This is a no maintenance pump.

        Question: On the 1/4" stainless male and female QDs for carpet cleaning, do you have a discount program for bulk orders?
        Answer: Yes, We updated the web page to reflect a discount for multiples.

        Question: on the 1/4" 1000 psi shut off valves do you have a program for purchasing in bulk?
        Answer: Yes, we just updated the webpage to reflect your request

        Question: on the 3/4" garden hose ball valves do you have any bulk prices?
        Answer: yes, corrected web page to reflect new discounts
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