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  • Freezin lines

    do they make a solution u could add to your truckmount to keep the lines from freezing on a sub 32 day?

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    Keep my stuff from freezing

    It is way too much trouble to remove all my carpet guard protection (not freeze/thaw stable), carry all my wands inside, add anti-freeze or rubbing alcohol to my water, and prime all my hoses, pump, and heat exchangers. Instead I always run my electric space heater on low or medium. I do not recommend the high setting because I do not want my extension cord or circuit breaker to trip in the middle of the night and cause my equipment to freeze. The truck only needs to be 33 degrees to keep everything OK.


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      Which anti-freeze is best to use in the Mytee portable. I have Propylene glycol (pink) used as antifreeze for RVs, water pipes, toilets, etc, non-toxic. Automotive anti-freeze uses ethylene. Which is best?


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        use what ever is cheaper because it does not matter.

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