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octavac base unit ? for donald

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  • octavac base unit ? for donald

    the base unit ($991.00)
    200 cfm's, 2 3-stage blowers. these are mounted parellel, yes?
    how is it used as vac booster for portable extractor w/1.5" vac inlet?
    2-power cords?
    amp draw?
    can it be used parellel to current 6 stage porty rather then inline?
    would also like to use as wet vac w/ 50' hose run and air turbine vac head for post OP cleaning, and also as pre-vac (dry) i'm sure its good for this but thought i'd ask anyways.

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    Octavac Options

    The Octavac does have the vacuum motors mounted in parallel.
    The 2" inlet in the side is connected to your 1.5" hose by an expanded hose cuff (1.5" threaded X 2" slip- we stock these). This is the hose that travels to your cleaning tool.
    The 2" dump valve is left open and a expanded hose cuff is used to connect the dump valve to your existing portable extractor.
    We also sell a stainless steel and plastic vacuum hose "Y" connectors if you want to hook you portable in parallel instead of series with the Octavac.
    This is a dual corded machine that draws 11 amps per cord.
    When using for dry pick up, place the paper bag insert inside of the tank with the HEPA filters. When using wet pick up, use the washable HEPA filters with the optional lint pick up filter.