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Can I plug my electric clothes dryer into standard wall outlets?

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  • Can I plug my electric clothes dryer into standard wall outlets?

    Question: I have an electric dryer that runs based on specification: 240 volts 30 amps. Will your product involving the circuit joiner that involves utilizing 2 X 120 volt outlets, supply enough power to this particular dryer?

    Answer: The power joiner will operate the same amp draw as the wall outlets. Example if my 120 volt outlets are 20 amps I can run a 240 volt 20 amp device if my wall outlets are 15 amp X two 120 volts then my 240 volt item must draw under 15 amps at 240 volts. Please keep in mind that most outlets are rated for more than they need. In other words just because it plugs into a 30 amp receptacle does not mean it always pulls 30 amps. I might be only using 20 amp. In appliances with heat setting, please note the heat is was is using the majority of the power. If it has a lower heat setting, you might find it will work fine on low or medium heat. The only time it might draw more than 20 amps is on high. I looked around the internet a bit to see if anyone posted how much amp draw does the average clothes dryer use and I found one person posted 22 amps on high. I am sure this result would be based on only one model, make or brand and is subject to change. Bottom line is I personally have never tried it. I do know that purchasing this box is way less money than what is cost to hire an electrician to install an outlet. My problem is we sell a lot of these boxes to a lot of customers and they do not always share with us how they plan on using them. The other interesting fact, we have yet to have a customer want to return one because they stated it did not work! So far all the returns have been exchanges as we have had customers order the wrong NEMA receptacle number.

    The two most common for clothes driers configurations are
    Nema 10-30R
    220 Volt to 110 Volt Converter Single gang, 220X1, , by Shazaam, Note User assumes all responsibility on use.  It is the users responsibility to check the inbound voltage, outbound voltage, and total amp draw to verify these are not going to be ov...

    and NEMA 14-30R
    Power Joiner Step Up Inverter Electric Car Charger Converts Dual 20 amp 115 Volt outlets to allow 230 Volt 4 wire 20 amp Use Reverse14-30R , Reverse14-30R, Electrical Adapter Temporary Power Boxes, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm, Power Inverte...