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  • Question for Donald

    Hey Donald, i am interested in the clean storm 12gal extractor w/duel 6.6 vac motors, no heat but with apo & auto fill. I would like to know if machine
    is plumped all 2inch. I would like 2inch connector on outside for connecting vac hose and two inch stack/pipe, tube whatever, on inside of waste tank.
    Don't know if this is how it comes or not, but if not is that something that can be done.


    Kevin J

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    Clean Storm 12 Gallon extactors 2" ID hose VS 1.5" ID hose

    All the 12 gallon clean storm extractors come with a 2" barbed fitting on the face of the extractors. This means that they will accommodate both the 2" ID vacuum hose or the 1.5" vacuum hose with the provided AH46 expanded hose cuff.
    This offers an advantage of longer hose runs when needed as you can use 2" ID vacuum hose near the machine and then taper down to 1.5" ID vacuum hose near your cleaning tools.
    Using 2" ID hose is like moving your waste tank closer to you cleaning tool and will double your maximum hose length for an extractor.

    On the inside of the extractor the default configuration is two separate 1.5" standpipes. The exception of this is auto dump machines as the extra large 20 gpm auto dump pump does not provide for a second standpipe so the vacuum motors are placed in series.

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    Clean Storm 12 gallon extractors


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      thanks Don

      Thanks don so i guess with auto pump out only one stand pipe gotta have apo think i'd take that over auto fill. I like parallel over series, thats
      what i'm used to on my M5 and seems to work great. just wanted to boost suction and I believe a machine plumbed all two inch will perform
      better then one plumbed at 1.5inch. I wonder if i can put 2 of those 6.6 vac mtrs inside my M5, i'd even be willing to take out the pump to make room
      then just use an external pump like the water otter, then with the added psi i could do tile & grout as well. buying two 6.6 vac motors and a water otter
      would be cheaper the a hole new machine. If i did this this, in addition to the vac motors what additional parts might I need, and do you carry them.


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        2 or 4 vacuum motors under the hood of a Mytee M5

        I wanted to let you know that the 6.6 inch vac motor has the same performance as the 5.7" conical electromotor vacuum motor.
        What you want to do will be a waste of money and time.

        6.6 vacuum motor
        Ametek-Lamb AMETEK LAMB 6.6 VAC MOTOR 115 volts, 122234-18, Vacuum Motors, Parts & Accessories, by Ametek-Lamb,   A COMPLETELY   NEW DESIGN THAT WILL REVOLUTIONIZE CARPET EXTRACTION MACHINES. FEATURES New patent-pending bearing protection...

        Conical 5.7 vacuum motor
        Electro Q6600-084A-MP-26 Mytee C302A 3 stage 120V Conical Bottom Fan Vacuum High Performance Vacuum Motor, Q6600-084A-MP-26, Vacuum Motors, Parts & Accessories, by Electro Motor, Bypass Tangential Exhaust Vacuum Motor Mytee C302A HP High Performanc...

        The average amp draw between sealed zero cfm and open flow cfm is about 12.5 amp for each motor.

        In summary I think they will fit if you remove the water pump as you mentioned.
        I was unclear if you are trying to place 4 vacuum motors under the hood or just two...

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          Question for Donald

          Hey Don thanks for your reply, I was wanting to remove the mytee vac motors and replace with the 2 6.6 motors, but if as you say
          they have the same performance as the mytee 3stage high performance motors then yeah, it would make no sense to do this. So how about
          if i take out the two mytee motors and instead of the 6.6 motors i use two of the 8.4 vac motors inside the M5. I am trying to increase suction power at/on the machine itself.
          don't really want to use an in line booster that you connect between the hose's, don't want to bring anything inside but hose and wand. Now I do like the nautilus machine with the two 8.4 motors and the goliath with the 4 2stage motors but either one of those would be more than i want to spend. now i do have the KleenRite Hose Mount Vacuum Booster 6.6 Inch 1 stage Extra Large [75001]. What if I was to purchase this (Shazaam: Vacuum booster lid with 2" port [TWST2PORT]) then cap off the back 2 inch port on the Kleenrite booster and connect hose from front of kleenrite booster to the the Shazaam: Vacuum booster lid 2inch port, then just use the 2inch port already on the machine as normal. then i would be able to leave machine and booster out side and be able to do 100ft run of 2inch vac hose with better suction/cfm