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My order is on hold because my 'bill to' and 'ship to' address are different!

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  • My order is on hold because my 'bill to' and 'ship to' address are different!

    Obviously credit card fraud is out of control. Last year 40 billion dollars in credit card fraud took place and on every single fraud transaction the bill to and ship to were different. I have a lot of customers state, "you charged my card, yet my order is on hold waiting on payment." Or "you charged my credit card more than one time, please refund the extra charges." There is no refund do as we have never charged your credit card and the order is still on hold waiting for payment.
    So far you have not provide correct bill to and ship to information that your credit card company will confirm.
    So far each transaction your credit card will accept the charge and then turn around and decline the ship to address.
    This is why it looks like you have been charged but please note the credit card company has never forwarded any money to SteamBrite rather will place the funds back on your credit card usually in 2 or 3 days as they are waiting on you to correct the ship to profile.
    This is like you start pumping gas, the credit card pre approves a $100 transaction, you hang up the filling nozzle and it finalizes the correct dollar amount. In your case, it approves the dollar amount but never finalizes the transaction as it is waiting for the correct ship to address to be entered so the transaction stays open for a few days.
    The credit card companies now require you to provide them all your ship to address. If you have not provided the ship to address you provided to us, it is going to keep declining the card and place your funds on temporary hold until we enter the correct ship to address.
    Just like pumping gas but then you never hang up the nozzle, so the transaction is in limbo.
    I hope that makes sense.

    Did you receive an new chip enabled credit card? Vendors and suppliers are to have also no upgraded their equipment to accept these chip enabled credit cards. New security features Credit card processing rules dictate that the bill to and ship to information on a credit card order must now be the same. Naturally if someone steals your wallet, this is exactly what the thief would do, place an order online using your bill to address and then some other ship to address to accept the product (usually a UPS mail box center address). The owner of the credit card naturally will stop payment with their bank and the supplier will get stuck shipping out free stuff + the loss of the $40 complaint bank fee.
    So how do I prove my wallet was not stolen and the credit card processing company will accept my payment guarantee?

    Answer: You have a couple of choices:
    1. Pay by wire transfer, money gram, certified check or some other non credit card way. This way you are not bound by those credit card processing rules.

    2. Simply just call your credit card company and add a second address to your profile. OR Change your credit card bill to address to now be your ship to address. After the product is charged, changed the bill to address back to whatever location you want. Contact your credit card bank and tag a 2nd address with your credit card. This is done the same way a PO Box bill to can also have an approved home address ship to address. When we process the credit card through the address verification system, your credit card will either approve or decline the transaction based on the address and zip/ postal codes you have on file with your bank. This means if you use a PO box to receive your credit card bill and ship product to your home, you will have to have your home address added to the statement as an approved ship to address. This is just a phone call so if you regularly ship to some other address than your bill to, just add the address to your profile to the credit card can be approved.

    3. You must provide a document, ID and credit card (the one your using to place this order) information on a single document that someone who stole your wallet would not have. This means your OLD credit card statement showing the current bill to address. You must place your state or government issued ID and credit card information on top of this document and write a note stating: Ship order number .... to address .... and sign it. The signature must match the signature on your ID. This has to be on a single page. In other words it is NOT OK to send the statement and then another page with the ID and copy of the credit card and then a third page with the sentence stating where to ship the product. All on one page. It also has to be perfectly legible and viewable at our location. In other words faxing is NOT ok, you will have to email this document. We received these instructions from Paypal's customer service. We have also confirmed with our other two other credit card processing companies we use that this is now a requirement.

    4. Set up a profile in to show your 'confirm' address is your ship to address. I had a customer do this, so I know it can be done. I had a customer in the Cayman Islands that was trying to have us ship to his shipping company in Miami FL and all we had to do was email over a payment request and he paid the bill. The payment clearly showed he was using his FL address is OK to ship to. Please note there is a difference between 'confirmed' address and non 'confirmed' address as well as 'verified' accounts and 'non verified' PayPal accounts. These 'confirmed' and 'verified' status is required for international customers, so please take the time to receive this level of paypal status. A verified paypal account means that you have tied your checking account to your credit card as a backup form a payment. It is easy to do as verify you account as paypal will just deposit money into your bank. You then have to log into your account and tell paypal what day and how much money they deposited. This way they know you own that bank account. Please note if you pay through paypal and have not followed all the payment rules and the payment shows up that paypal will not guarantee the payment to us, we will just refund the money and you will have to start over. Please note that PalPal will not refund the bank fees on the refund so this mistake will cost you about 3% of the transaction. This for some reason, is a common occurrence. Every single day we have customer sent us paypal money this has no guarantee of payment so we have to refund it less the bank fees. Please, please, please do now waste our time and your money by not confirming your address and verifying your bank details. Please read
    Conditions of Use, conditions statement from Steambrite Supply, information about conditions of usage.

    it states: "Please note that if you make a payment through credit card or and the item has been discontinued, out of stock, shipping has been delayed, cost extra to ship because you are located out of country or out of the lower 48 states, or the item is too large to be delivered to a residence OR the item is not the color you want, if you failed to confirm your ship to address with paypal, fail to verify you bank details with paypal, neither nor will refund any credit card fees charged for processing the refund. If you cancel your order for any reason posted above or any other reason, these fees will not be refunded to you. The fees range between 3 to 4% of the sale. Before you use a credit card or as a payment option please consider this."
    I too, personally changed my ship to address in my paypal profile for a purchase I made and it was super easy to do! We simply send you the paypal payment request and then you checkout supplying where you want the product ship to.

    In summary the easiest thing to do is just add the ship to address to your credit card profile. It is only one phone call and you only have to do it one time.
    I will tell you that I have a hit and miss experience with this phone call with my personal credit cards. What I mean is American Express allows for multiple address to be loaded on the client profile. I have a few other credit card companies that stated that their computer only allows for one address as the 'bill to' and 'ship to' have to be the same and they only guarantee payment to suppliers that ship to that bill to address. The difference I have found is if your credit card is a personal credit card you might only be allowed to load one address. If you have a corporate business credit card, sometimes multiple address can be loaded.
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