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    I have just recently started a floor car business. I have already done a few jobs for a local apartment complex cleaning carpets in their vacant rentals. However, I recently submitted an estimate to a chain of resturaunts. There will be six locations. I am pretty sure I will get the contract with them. What would be the most effective way to clean their carpet? I know personally the guy who did them before, he used a bonnett to clean them. IS this the best way or what??? I keep hearing from a few local people the "best" way to do it, but they are all different. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Bonnet Vs. Extraction

    Advantages with bonnet cleaning are it is a faster process that takes less equipment to purchase. Bonnet cleaning is a light duty method and would be a method of choice for the restaurant to do themselves on a nightly or weekly service.
    Most professional would prespray and hot water extraction rinse method. This is the preferred cleaning and usually needs to be done only once a month.
    Restoration cleaning would be rotary shampoo and steam rinse with and extractor. This might be performed on the first time you clean a really neglected carpet.


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      Donald, first just ket me say you are the man. You have helped me a great deal. I have anoher question though. The "norm" for my area is $.15/sq. ft. for just your basic spray and extract. What would be a fair price to charge for bonnet cleaning and restoration cleaning? Also, what is the best way to bonnet clean?


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        prices for commercial cleaning

        $.15 a sq is the norm in many areas of the country for that method except for commercial cleaning might qualify for some discounts. Olefin carpets in a direct glue down install would have no discounts available except for ultra high volume agreements. Nylon carpets that are clean monthly can be maintained after the first cleaning for up to 50% off. When a discount is provided at this level, some penalties need to be understood and agreed to by the customer. First of all, they sign a contract for the year and if they have to cancel a cleaning with a less than 7 day notice, they still have to pay $30 for the missed cleaning. They are responsible for prepping the area (moving all small item that can be moved (ex place chairs on tables) and vacuum the carpet first (sweeping with a straw broom is not acceptable). 15% penalty if they fail performing these duties. If they want you to place all tables and chairs in original place and straighten up after the cleaning is complete cost 15% more. Price is based on payment at end of cleaning (no bill outs). Bonnet cleaning can be charged at the same rate. Restoration cleaning is 25% more. One hour dry time guarantee is available for 25% more as well on the restoration cleaning. Since restoration cleaning only needs to be performed the first cleaning this would be $.20 per sq ft.


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          I am putting together a flyer to distribute to local businesses what Should I include? What kind of promotion could I offer(if any)?


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            You need to focus on services that are special. Like:
            Pet odor specialist.
            smoke odor removal
            red stain removal
            Yellow Urine stain removal
            Ink removal
            Carpet Repairs

            Or you can offer some type of super guarantee.

            If you just advertise cleaning, you want have anything to set you apart. You need to make sure you have the supplies in your truck to perform these services.