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difference between 210" 249" water lift

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  • difference between 210" 249" water lift

    how much difference is there between a portable with 210 " of waterlift and 249"

    also can portables like the ninja, or mytee be upgraded beyond dual 3 stage vacs or is there a limit to there performance


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    upgrading portables for more vacuum

    Please read all of

    Naturally 249 is better than 210 as long as they are real numbers. If the manufacture says that the machine has only a total of 6 stages of vacuum and state that it has 249" of lift, you know this is not the truth. I would like you to tell me what machine you are reading that says it has 249" of lift. More than likely, it is a rather large stretch of the facts. The only portable that would come close to 249" of lift is the Odyssey

    We sell the Truckforce by Masterblend and the Whisper / Eclipse by TMI as well as the ChemTex Silver Hawk that also is available triple 2 stage and none of them are 249" of lift @ zero CFM even at sea level. Six stages of vacuum will operate up to 75 ft of 1.5" vacuum hose.

    Yes, these machines can be upgraded to have more vacuum. The mytee can have a three stage added to the top of the waste tank. The ninja can have a vacuum motor on the front of the body. We custom manufacture what ever design you can dream up.


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      adding vacuum to a ninja

      when you say the ninja can have a vacuum motor on the front of the body do you mean like a stand alone unit or actually attached in some way. do you happen to have a picture handy and can you tell me a little more about manufacturing somthing like that such as how do you order and price

      thanks for your post
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        Add vacuum to a Ninja extractor carpet cleaner

        On a dual two stage Ninja extractor, a single 3 stage vacuum motor can be mounted on top of the lid of the waste tank. This gives only a slightly better performance than the dual 3 stage Ninja you can order from the factory. On dual 3 stage units, a 3rd 3 stage vacuum motor has to be mounted on the front of the unit by the quick disconnect. Much of the vacuum is mounted sticking out of the front of the unit which makes it much longer. A metal cage surrounds both designs to protect the vacuum motor. The motor compartment would look like a mini perforated top to the Octavac HTTP://
        The cost for either service is $400 and covers parts and labor.
        I do not have any photos of past work.