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  • a friend needs help

    i was stumped when a friend asked me these questions regarding vacuum boosters and custom built machines. instead of using a vacuum booster to boost his portable performance, can he use a basic ninja as a booster? his current machine is a mytee w/ 3-2stage vacs (no pump). the ninja is a base model w/ 2-2stagers. i have no clue but happy he bought my old ninja )
    told him he should look into the octavac to use as a booster but he has no internet access.

    his other question is, what size generator would be required to run an extractor with 4- 3stage, 137" lift vac motors, and what performance can he expect. i have no clue with this one also but i did suggest that if he did this, he should set them in 2 pairs, each pair in series then parelell to each other for balanced performance.
    what he wants is this;
    55gallon drum w/ 4 vacs
    seperate pump (water horse)
    generator large enough to run it all and if a heat exchanger can be fitted to this generator.
    i like the idea of the HX for the generator but sounds like an expensive project to me.

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    vacuum booster

    If the customer "Y"ed together the two the machines the inches of lift becomes the weaker of the two. For example if the Mytee develops 125" at up to 200 CFM and the Ninja machine has 155" at up to 100 CFM, the combined units could produce 125" at up to 300 CFM. Please keep in mind the maximum CFM that can travel down 1.5"ID hose is 200 CFM so you would need to upgrade to 2" ID hose to receive maximum benefit.

    Volts X amps = watts
    115 volts X 11 amps = 1265 watts
    1265 X 4 vacs = 5060 watts
    Generators are not supposted to be run past 85% capacity so you will need at least a 6000 watt generator.