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  • Powrflite Upgrade

    I have a Powrflite heated upright extractor I bought aroung 5/2005 brand new. It is the PFX 1350HP model with 200psi/ dual 2 stage vacs/ with heat. I have been getting decent results, but want to take it to the next level. I want to either replace the vacs with 2-dual 3 stage vacs or add another 2 stage vac for a total of 6 stages either way. I also want to replace my current 200psi pump with a 500psi. Is this possible with this model? If so, will there have to be three cords? Thanks!

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    Powerflite carpet cleaning machine upgrade

    You would have to make sure that the three stage vac fit. They are 2" taller than 2 stage motors. You would have to add another power cord for one of the vacuum motors because 3 stage motors draw 11 amps each. You could also add a booster vac (like the Octavac to your existing machine) You could even have us design a smaller booster vac system (like a single 3 stage or a double 2 stage) so the vacuum will run on one power cord. The 500 psi pump and motor sets are two and half times as large and two and half times as heavy as the 200 psi pumps. You could also take the 500 psi pump system external as well and place both the 500 psi pump and booster vac system on a dolly that you park next to you existing machine. If you can dream it we can build it. I have never performed this custom option on this exact Powerflite model for any customers and do not know what problems you will experience with this upgrade. You might consider selling your machine on consignment (only one time charge of $50) on this website and then just purchase a new machine of your dreams.


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      Vac height and pump

      Is the only dimensional difference between 2 stage and 3 stage vacs the height? If so I believe I can make it work. Are there any kits one can purchase for the do-it-yourselfers? If I upgraded from a 200psi pump to a 400 to 500psi pump, is there a specific preferred pump for mounting purposes because I know I have room, it just seems the mounting brackets may be the big difference. Also are there kits for pump upgrades?


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        Upgrading your carpet cleaning machine

        We have kit for upgrades for both the pumps and for the vacuum but they are not Powerflite specific. Another words they are for most brands.
        The only difference on the 3 stage motors is that they are 2" taller, all the other dimensions are the same.