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  • Pile Brush, DriMaster, Website Work

    1. I recently purchased a certified pile brush vacuum a couple months ago. It's making a metallic rubbing noise when I run the machine. How do I send off for repairs or get replaced??? I'm assuming it automatically comes with a 1 year warranty???

    2. I'm curious about the DriMaster upholstery Tool. It's expensive, but is it really worth the $377 to $400???

    3. I would like to speak to someone about your website design. I'm interested in expanding my "weekend carpet cleaning business" and would like some information on your services that you offer for website design and hosting.

    Please advise,



    1. The certified pile brush come with a one year parts warranty on the motor and housing. Belt have a 90 day parts warranty. You need to open the machine up and see what part is it that really needs to be replaced. All the dirt in this model pass through the vacuum motor blades and you might have just picked up a paper clip.

    2. The customers who own the dry master really like them. but I also agree they are over priced and I would purchase a Pro2 kit instead and save $125 and get 2 tools in one. The DriMaster uses allot of water and and works best when used at least 250 psi to 500 psi.

    3. Our website design and hosting site is located at

    I think you will find all your questions answered on the site.

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    Dri Master upholstery tool

    I am just getting into the business and purchased a dri master upholstery tool as well as the rotary dri master. Yes, the dri master upholstery tool does use more water but the dry time is well worth it. The same for the rotary dri master. The dry time is nearly cut in half from using a wand. And every job that I have I have used the dri master and people love the fact that their carpet is dry in 3 to 4 hours. With the dri master upholstery tool the upholstery is dri with in 1 to 2 hours.

    From Tecumseh, MI.