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  • Stephen, Alan, Ben, Nick, Peter, Victor This is For You Food for Thought

    Food for thought

    You design a new method of performing carpet cleaning, you hire an employee to perform these cleaning task, you sell and promote this type of work and send the employee out to a job site. While at the site the employee confronts the manager/ owner if he could perform the work "on the side" so each party could benefit. The owner/manager saves money and the employee will make more money than what he is currently being paid. I think everybody would agree that this is a form of stealing as the employer is the one who designed and paid for the cleaning system/process and marketed this design/procedure that brought theses two people together in the first place and is the one person that is left with nothing.

    Compare this to when Steambrite designs a piece of equipment, hires an assembly plant to build/assemble this design, markets the design, and then pays deposits to purchase all the parts to start the assembly. Production is up and running. Our customers find out who is building this equipment so they proceed to call the assembly location direct to see if the will be willing to sell one of these machines that is sitting on the assembly line direct to them. This way both the assembly factory will make more money at the same time, the end user customer customer can save money. The machines sitting on the assembly line do not even belong to the assembly plant. Naturally the factory self justifies their actions as I could really use the money, or they are not finished so they do not completely belong to SteamBrite, I will just sell one and replace it later, or whatever is in their head... The factory is taking equipment that is half built and pushing this end users order ahead of ours. Only the effort of our marketing have brought these two people together but both self justify their actions as the end user in his mind is "I really have to find a way to save money."
    I have even had end users tell me, "he sold me a machine direct the first time, so I figured it was OK to do it again."
    I guess that when your employee goes back to reclean your client's home a second time behind your back, it is OK since you did not get caught the first time.