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  • wand question fro Donald

    Hey Donald, looking to buy a new wand in the next day or two i've narrowed it down to these 3 all from your wed site all wespac
    1. 10-0320
    2. 10-0322
    3. 10-0530
    I use a Mytee LTD5 extractor and run two inch hose all the way to the wand, kind of leaning towards the 10-0320 as I was thinking of going with a 2inch TM type wand but decided to stick
    with the 1.5 tube wands, that is of course till i saw this one with the 1.75 tube. Which of theses 3 do you think would give me the best performance/ water recovery.
    I am going to trust your opinion and that will be the wand I buy.

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    Air can be stretched the same way it can be compressed.

    Having a 2" tube all the way to the carpet is best performance but only by such a small difference...
    I perform air stretch testing and found air has the same qualities to be stretched as it does to be compressed (like in an air compressor tank.)
    Air is quite spongy, and to stretch it five, ten, even 15 feet is OK with minimal loss in performance.
    Here is another fact, having a 2" pipe is heavier and is harder to hold in your hands. Having 2" ID hose travel all the way to the wand also makes the wand heavier and bulkier.
    I think you are better off with 2" hose to the entrance of the room you are cleaning, then use 1.5" hose to the wand, so the hose that is is motion is lighter. The dry time difference is so small the customer will never know the difference.
    Donald Cook

    PS On the flip side I found that to stretch air past 75 ft with 1.5" ID hose does not work regardless of the size of the vacuum. Performance dives off substantially.

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      wand question

      thank you for that info Donald but I was asking your opinion on the 3 wands i listed above


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        Carpet cleaning wand differences

        The point I was trying to make was the 1.5" pipe is my first choice for the ease of use but the 2" would perform better on a microscopic level.
        Please note the your LTD5 has enough vacuum to operate 14 and 15 inch wide tools. (Once the machine performs at over 28,000 vacuum units)
        Mytee LTD5 is 28,800 vacuum units.
        This will allow you to rinse the carpet 20% faster than a 12" wide tool.
        Please visit

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          Thanks Donald, I've never even thought of using a wider 4 jet wand on a portable before, a portable can only do so much and thought it best not to push its limitations.


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            Higher power portable vacuum systems

            Don't undermine a portable that uses a lot of power...
            Mytee LTD5, RL105, 1005DX, Cross American jaq 6.6, and Clean Storm 12-6500 all use 25 amp vacuum system (2 power cords)

            Nautilus Extreme and Jaguar 8.4 use a 26 amp vacuum system (2 power cords)

            Goliath uses 30 amp vacuum system (2 power cords)

            Mytee Escape uses a 40 amp vacuum system (4 cords)

            Goliath Quad 6.6 uses a 50 amp vacuum system. (4 cords)