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Black ****t from furniture item transferred to carpet

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  • Black ****t from furniture item transferred to carpet

    Recently ran into a situation where there was a water leak unknown to the home owners, which caused an area of their carpet to become saturated underneath a furniture item. The furniture item was black. The color from the item was transferred to the carpet, leaving a large black stain. Pre-spray, degreaser, nor dry cleaner would remove the stain. What is the appropriate course of action for removing a stain of this sort? Thanks in advance for your insight and comments.

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    Aggressive stain remover

    The most aggressive stain remover for the unknown spot is Dynamic Duo.
    Note the comment on the webpage about the CTI DCI light for faster activation.


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      You could remove the stain with isopropyl alcohol.Firstly dampen a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and then dab the cloth on the stained carpet.Do not rub or scrub or the stain might spread.Let it stand for about a few minutes and then with the help of a vacuum to remove the excess moisture.After this rinse with water and then keep on blotting it dry till the spot is completely dry.Here is a blog from rbc clean that mentions some tips on how to keep your carpets clean ( .