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I am not going to be home to receive my Zipper Wand, Do I have to sign for my package

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  • I am not going to be home to receive my Zipper Wand, Do I have to sign for my package

    Question: I'm strongly considering the Zipper though I do not have someone at my shop all day to wait around for delivery. Should I consider another source?
    Than you!
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    Answer: Please note signing for a package is not a SteamBrite requirement rather a requirement set by VISA, MC, Discover, and AMEX on orders over $250
    You can pay by some other payment means other than cc and avoid the signature. Example wire transfer, MoneyGram, certified check.
    You can also sign up with and and once you receive the tracking notification, redirect the package to a nearby Fedex/Kinkos store, or UPS store and sign for the package at pickup.
    You just have to have a UPS/Fedex username and password set up in advance.
    Many of these stores are open until 9pm at night for late night package pickup.
    You can also leave a note on your door for the delivery driver at which alternative neighbor address might be home for the signature.
    You can also email us a signed letter stating you are waving all rights against loss and damage for your shipment.
    Please note when you are signing for a package, you are not signing that the package showed up, rather that their is no damage and you are agreeing to no longer make a claim.
    If you fail to note internal damage on a delivery signature, you claim will be denied.