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Is is OK to run one power cord on a generator and the cord in a home on the same unit

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  • Is is OK to run one power cord on a generator and the cord in a home on the same unit

    Question: Had another question about the Goliath go-1500. On one of my jobs, it kept on tripping the customer's circuit breaker which the customer did not like.
    Could I run the unit off a 50/50 split of a generator and the residential plug or 100% on a 5500 watt generator?

    Answer: Yes, you can run one outlet from a home and one plug from a generator. Please make sure when you use a generator, you are using one that is either grounded, or bonded with the home.

    You might consider a power converter to plug into the customer's electric clothes dryer plug.

    Please note the amp draw is in direct relationship to the psi the machine is pushing. Turn the water pressure down and the amp draw goes down. If a home does not have 20 amp breakers and you are not plugged into a power converter, you will need to turn the pump down to 1000 psi to lower the amp draw. The above power converter ensures you will not trip the breakers in older 15 amp environments.
    Amp draw is also in direct relationship to hose length, and tools on the floor. An open port vacuum draws way more electricity than a machine running 115 ft of hose with a wand on the carpet. The more you occlude the vacuum the less air passes over the vacuum motor blades and the amp draw falls. Having more air pass over the vacuum motor blades, drags the motors and makes them work harder. Example, setting the wand in the air as you move furniture and other prep work makes is more likely to trip a breaker. Leave the tool in contact with the floor, less likely to trip a breaker.
    Study the vacuum motor charts at
    Please note on the above vacuum motor, this unit varies between 14.8 amps and 10 amps and all the way in between depending on how you are using the vacuum.
    This is true will all vacuum motors. This is a 30% amp draw swing.