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Can you deliver a package on the exact date I want?

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  • Can you deliver a package on the exact date I want?

    Question: Hi i'm going to be over staying in Santa Monica from the 15th October to the 19th October.
    Would i be able tp pay for this clutch and get it delivered on the 16th to where I'm staying?
    General Pump 100687 Pump 12 Volt Clutch Double Groove
    24mm shaft connection

    OEM Associations:
    Prochem Everest Pump Clutch 86350890
    Karcher 8.635-089.0
    General Pump 100687 Pump 12 Volt Clutch Double Groove 47 Series W Mounting Plate 24mm 7in Diameter, 100687, Electrical Components, Parts & Accessories, by General Pump,  General Pump 100687 Pump 12 Volt Clutch Double Groove 24mm shaft connecti...

    Answer: If you are asking if the bill to and ship to information can be different, the answer is yes as long as your credit card approves the change or you do not pay with a credit card.
    Example when you pay by wire transfer, we can ship where ever you want.
    To approve the change with your credit card, you have to have a paypal account, "confirm" the account, and "verify" the address.
    The confirmation and verify are separate from the traditional paypal accounts.
    Many of our international customers cannot add this level of security to their account so wire transfer payment becomes their only option.
    Simply adjust the ship to address in the paypal checkout to reflect the correct ship to location.
    You can call your credit card company and add the ship to address to your credit card profile.
    We electronically verify the ship to address is part of your credit card profile.
    This item is being sold at our cost so it currently does not display shipping from our location, rather drop shipping from General Pump.
    General Pump collects sales tax on both the items and the shipping charges in California.
    We cannot offer a specific delivery date.
    We can only ship now and hope for the best.
    Please note a signature is required for most deliveries.
    Please note that both Fedex and UPS offer customer to alter the delivery address on there website.
    An account is setup on each website associated with your home or office address, once the package ships you log onto the website and alter the delivery address to fedex Kinkos or UPS store location.
    Show your ID at pickup. Many of these retail stores are open late and hold your package until you are ready for pickup.
    I think this might be your only option for exact date pickup.
    Please note last year, just in the USA 10 billion dollars of credit card fraud took place and on every single transaction the bill to and ship to were different.
    If a thief stole your wallet, this is exactly what they would ask us to do so now it is not so easy to just change the delivery address.