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    I am interesting in replacing m ROTOBRUSH machine with the DUCT BRUSH.
    I've been searching on the net and cannot find much info on how this system works.
    I like the ROTOBRUSH because everything is in 1 unit and it is easy to use.
    I like more info on the DUCT BRUSH before making an investment.

    Does not machine run on 2 circuit breakers? I see 2 power cords coming out of the unit.

    Is the air compressor internal or external?

    How does the brush spin?
    Does the air travel from the compressor to the brush?
    How is the air controlled? With a switch or always on?
    I see the guy holding the hose in one hand and controlling the air in the other?
    I like to be able to push/pull the hose through the duct with 2 hands.

    What is this white wire or hose?

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    Shaftway Duct Brush Air Duct Cleaning System

    Please click on Duct Brush to learm more.
    The air compressor is located in the bottom of the extractor body. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage. This system is run on two power cords. One for the two 2 stage vacs and the other for the air compressor.
    This system is not reversable.
    The Duct Brush system is on clearance because the TurboAir system (currently only $1887) plus the cost of an Octavac dual 3 stage Heps vacuum system (currently only $991) only = $2878. The Octavac / TurboAir system offers 50% suction power than the dual 2 stage vacuum system of the Duct Brush system.
    The TurboAir/ Octavac also offers:
    Hands free control (because the control center is foot plate controled),
    Reversable brushing for better cleaning of square and rectanglular ducts, Washable Hepa filters mean you don't have to purchase replacements,
    Uses 2" hose instead of 1.5" ID hose means you will be able to get better air flow to the accumulator, 50 ft long hose instead of 35 ft,
    Shorter air nozzle length for better turning radius than the Duct Brush.
    Much larger air compressor is used for more brush power.

    The advantage of the Duct Brush system is that it is a all in one system. The TurboAir with the Octavac is three units (TurboAir, Ocatavac, and air compressor)